who-lies    W.H.O. makes false statements

Before Economy Totally Disintegrates Will Anyone Else Notice WHO Director Made BASIC MATH ERROR in Causing Global Coronavirus Panic?

This egregiously false premise has led to the greatest economic panic in world history.

The Director General of the WHO spoke on March 3, 2020 and shared this related to the coronavirus:

While many people globally have built up immunity to seasonal flu strains, COVID-19 is a new virus to which no one has immunity. That means more people are susceptible to infection, and some will suffer severe disease.

Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected.

His statement is false, was not accurate! 

As The Gateway Pundit reported Monday,  the coronavirus mortality rate reported by the media as stated by Dr. Ghebreyesus is completely inaccurate.

See a summary at link above.

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