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New York Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax

See the DC Doctor Press Conference Big Tech is fighting, Front Line Doctors.

Covid-19 - Insurgency

Vaccine History:

Kids with autism

1975 1 in 5,000 kids

1982 1 in 2,500

1994 1 in 500

2000 1 in 166

2004 1 in 159

2009 1 in 110

2011 1 in 68

2013 1 in 45


2032 1 in every 2 kids


1986 Act took all liability away from Big Pharma's vaccines.

No one can sue a vaccine manufacture if they or family suffer injury or death.

Eventually the Congress established a Vaccine Court.

If you are injured by a vaccine you can only make  a claim in that court, not other courts.

So far the US government has paid out $ 3 billion to people damaged by vaccines.

So, Are vaccines safe ?

In the current development of Covid vaccine, they are using a vaccine developed 20 year ago, and cautioning that it kills the animal in which it was tested.

They plan to distribute it without further testing.

Gates Foundation, World Health Organization & others hope to make the vaccine mandatory world wide on 7.5 billion people.

If they charge $ 100 / vaccine, that is $ 750 billion prize.

Who would not mind fudging some numbers or reports to get that paycheck ?