The Only Way to Get a Virus is to be Injected With it yt - Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Viruses are not alive.  They cannot replicate or breath.

What are they ?  They are proteins that our bodies manufacture as a solvent, to dissolve our own tissue that are too toxic to be otherwise destroyed. They can have animal tissue in the virus.  It cannot transfer to another.

Virus are the result of our internal healing, not the cause of it.

Viruses are like a soap a solvents, to get out our damaged tissue.

There are 300,000 viruses, each designed to only destroy one very specific type of tissue.

Viruses are NOT contagious.

British & Am. government funded $ billions to give 125 million vaccines to Africa,

In America, initially homosexuals in 5 specific cities were given vaccines causing aids & dying.

27 African countries are now run by British gov. & World Bank because they could not pay the debt for their (deadly) medical treatments.  They poisoned the Africans with Aids in the Small Pox vaccine.

Aids cannot be transmitted sexually.  It can be and was transmitted by injection and by blood transfusion.

The toxins in our bodies, are food additives, preservatives, pesticides. We get them from food, water, air.  We must act to expunge them. Viruses are our bodies way to capture, destroy and eliminate these toxins.

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