Remdesivir causes kidney and organ failure


Basically says Remdesivir (pronounced rem-des-evere or rem-de-severe) had a huge mortality rate with ebola, but was approved for COVID with Fauci's support.


In COVID trials more and more people had to get taken off Remdesivir because of things like Kidney Failure, Organ Failure. In hospital you have 35+% chance of having these complications.  This is the drug they are still using...


...hydroxycholriquin, ivermectin are both safer, but we (Hospitals ?) are stocked up on the other.


It is also interesting because one of the previous pandemic scares (there has been one every year) was ebola, but that is not an airborn contagion, and is kind of hard to get without touching something infected and then touching your face.


A link is given to and other resources for info and free prescriptions for the safe treatment drugs