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This is NOT intended as medical advice.
Everything in this video is affirmed even by the World Health Organization's own documentation.

Conquer the Common Cold & Flu - book, pub. Future World Press 1984

Radical new 3-minute breakthrough procedure stops cold and flu symptoms.

by Dan Lee Dimle, PhD.

The Cold-Arrest Procedure

Successfully tested in 55 countries

> STEP ONE: Set blow-dryer to LOW... and cup fingers over air intake to slow air flow and increase output temp.

> STEP TWO: Spray water upward onto face and into nose... from about 10 cm. (4 in.) away.

Hot air flow causes the water to evaporate - keeping your face and nose COOL...

Take slow, deep breaths with mouth closed... for 5 minutes

Turn the blow-dryer aside between breaths so that hot air is directed toward nose only while inhaling.

> Spray just after exhaling... as needed ... to keep face cool & nostrils moist.

GOAL: Raise temp of sinuses to 56 C. (133 F.) corona virus kill temperature.

> STEP THREE: After pausing 1 hour... Begin another 5-minute hot air treatment. If no symptoms: 2 cycles/day.

With symptoms: 5 cycles/day.

(Cycle = One 5-minute heat session every hour)

The Cold-Arrest Procedure TM can help prevent any further spread of COVID-19.

- also kills most other common cold-causing virus.

- can help prevent any further spread of COVID-19.

- also kills most other common cold-causing virus.

The Cold-Arrest Procedure TM can be started with the very first sign of any common cold symptoms.

- - -

Instead of just waiting

if isolated or quarantined to see if any symptoms develop, you can take a pro active role to eradicate the possible disease.

Get good rest, drink 1 or more liters of pure water daily, eat fruits & vegetables.

Avoid exhaustion like health workers

Keep alcohol or excessive sugar at a minimum as many tests show these deplete immune system resources.

Avoid high risk like smoking or vaping.

The virus may decline or disappear as outdoor temperatures rise in late April or May as did the SARS outbreak disappear 17 years ago.

Governments will not let a good crisis go to waste.  They want to claim that ONLY the government has solutions.

Easy to use - Cold-Arrest Hypo Therapy

Follow the Money.  Who benefits ?

from HighImpactVlogs on YouTube &

In lieu of using a hair dryer you can use a hot air sauna.

Here is discussion on the internet:

Emergencies preparedness, response

Virus survival in cell-culture supernatant .

First data on stability and resistance of SARS coronavirus compiled by members of WHO laboratory network.

The below tables provides the first compilation of data on resistance of the SARS Coronavirus against environmental factors and disinfectants. This Information has been provided by Members of the WHO multi-center collaborative network on SARS diagnosis More detailed information on methods utilized and material used is being complied and will be available shortly. The major conclusions+ from those studies are:

Virus survival in stool and urine

Virus Is stable in feces (and urine) at room temperature for at leant 1-2 days.

Virus is more stable (up to 4 days) in stool from diarrhea patio its (which has higher pH than normal stool)


Virus loses infectivity after exposure to different commonly used disinfectants and fixatives... see more at the link.

Disclaimer: Neither I this web writer nor the man making the linked video are trained in medicine, nor offer any credentials.

We hope that you can use common, innate intelligence to understand the information available and here referenced.

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