Fake Covid & Election Fraud


on (fake) covid & 2020 Pres. election



Some times you have to use language as others do to explain things to them.


There is a Covid set of symptoms

They are the same symptoms of people who get colds, flu, phenomena, etc.


There is no virus, contagiously infecting other people

but there are many who get sick & some die

of these symptoms.


So the public thinks there is a virus and seek a solution (like a vaccine)


The HCL & Ivermectum can reduce the illness. the severity of these symptoms

No it is not curing a virus

it brings health to people sic with flu, pneumonia, colds, etc.


It is difficult to talk to anyone as most people are stuck on wrong assumptions.


The magnitude of the evil people & organizations around us is HUGE


but some of us with Observation & Reason can see a different reality.


Trump gave rousing speech in Ohio 2 days ago.

FrankSpeech.com shows that & Mike Lindell & Sidney Powell.

Dr. Douglas Frank, gives a most convincing argument of all the Voter Fraud, just mathematical impossibilities.


            2 Great Documentaries on FrankSpeech.com  re Nov. 3, 2020 Presidential Election


Absolution Proof  & Voter Fraud


Absolute Interference                   20 foreign countries participated in Voter Interference

Reality - Simply


Simply put we are facing 2 hugely divergent paths


Great Reset:             World governments will watch & control all human activity, one digital currency that can be erased any time,

            No one would own anything, the "state" owns & controls all, vaccinate all, continually, we are suppose to love our LACK of freedom

            This will happen as long as people live in (false) fear.

            Obeying false rulers is inviting our calamity.

            Many people, Most people live in fear from watching & believing (false) news from (false) authorities..

            The news is the single most powerful propaganda to destroy all that human kind has developed.


Great Awakening    People will realize that the (fake) governments & corporations around them have no authority, no power, no lawful action

            We must rise up and declare our freedom.  This will only happen when many do this together.

            We are surrounded in a world of evil people, working behind the scenes who have mis managed their positions to steal our wealth & health.

            In first several months of PLANNED demic, Amazon (Bezos) Facebook (Zuckerberg), Apple, etc. these corporations. gained $ trillion

            while Mom & Pop or small business were forced into closure & bankruptcy, to now be dependent on government stimulate.

            Never contract with unjust, unfair people or organizations (government).



False Flags, where some group (Israel- Mossad) harms another group (US 9-11) and leaves clues to a 3rd group

so the harmed group (US) strikes out against the innocent group following the (false) clues.

Problem - Reaction - Solution


The Hegelian Principle is a way we are deceived & controlled.

innocent uninvolved group (Afghanistan - after 9-11).


The people in power (behind the scenes) scheme to cause a great problem, like shortage of coins, a pandemic, an alien attack.

then they propose a draconian solution that advances their power & authority and reduces our rights & freedom.

Most accept their loss of freedom, loss of health & wealth, as hey believe that "governments" can protect them (from governments ?)


Seek, find, confirm & stand in truth, else we are harming nearly every one.

A few stand to protect the many.  The evil people are small in number compare to all of humanity,

but most people believe everyone must be controlled to avoid harm, loss or injury.


The question is who should control us ?  Yahuah, God or men & their schemes.


Many people seek to confirm to what thy THINK is popular (which the news dictates).

Doing so is increasing the power of governments and destroying our resources, property, freedom.


People who don't understand what is really going on are aiding & abetting our own destruction.


TV could be the great teacher & news agent, but it is bought & controlled with nearly all media: print, newspapers, books & movies.


The Big Tech companies control (censor) most all forms of communication, suppressing important truths, to keep most controlled by deception.


Many think censorship is good to reduce the amount of information.

they don't see they are avoiding seeing & realizing the truth.


Our US Constitution of 1789 protects us all of many abuses, but US Courts pretend you have no constitutional rights

so they can control you, your money, your freedom, etc.


John Doe is the real, living man with God given rights, 2 postage, no income tax

JOHN DOE is a (pretend-dead) corporation, without rights, 55 postage, pay taxes & fines.

            Under Pres. Regan, his Grace Committee determined that NONE of US income tax goes to any government program.

Those taxes just go to pay off the (fake) National Debt, to the Crown in London, and to the Vatican.


The world actually works very different than we are told.

Those who tall us (TV, news, government, universities) retain & increase their profit & control by deceiving us..


People must learn how law really works and quit relying on people (attorneys) dedicated to the dominance of the "state"/


Similar with medical industry yielding to Big Parma control. 

100 year old Inexpensive natural cures & solutions have been driven out of public awareness & even out of doctors knowledge and/ or options.


You must consider & accept the little conspiracies (2 mail, 9-11)

before you can even imagine the greater conspiracies, income tax, US courts, etc.