There is no virus- Dr. Thomas Cowan


According to Steiner

Virus are simply the excretion of toxic cells (from pollutants, pesticides, chemicals, from food, water, air.


This is the body expunging toxins from our bodies.

The more we have already accumulated, the more harsh is our symptoms.

The viruses happen when the cell is poisoned.

The virus is not the cause of illness, they are the body getting rid of the poisons.

The cells try to purify themselves.

Execomes NIH head giving talk on viruses.

Diseases are poisoning.

There has been a pandemic in each new generation

There is increase in electrification to new, more intense illness.

Telegraph, phone, radar, micro wave, WiFi.

1968 Hong Kong flu. Van Allen Belt integrates with earth.

As satellite are introduced, epidemic of illnesses.

1980 Boston Health Dept. took 100s of people with flu and put the mucus, or other contaminants

The experiment

Invisible Rainbow, Arthur, Firstenberg.