There is No VIrus - Dr. Kaufman

 Dr. Andrew Kaufman: There Is No Virus

And Now They Want To Genetically Modify Us With The COVID-19 Vaccine

Sherri Tenpenny–Eight Ways mRNA COVID Vaccine Can Kill You |

Brave TV News Reporter Reveals Truth About “Covid” While On Air |

Rumble — This video was submitted by a YouTube subscriber and instantly taken down. This is a pure example of free speech. Take from this what you will or leave it. Ultimately YOU have the choice here, but nowhere else apparently.

YOU decide what you see or not see in this lifetime, NO ONE decides for you.

Watch This Look Into Facts After - For You (

Truth11 Films | Perpetual War

Truth11 Films 5th short film: We have been tricked into fighting perpetual wars of mass genocide for pointless profit. There is no enemy. The enemy is within the US government. All exterior enemies are created to justify the advancing military industrial complex. 

There is only one way war will end. The masses, the people must rise up, unite, and demand world peace.

Perpetual War

Wireless Genocide