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I began my quest in February, 2005. As retired architect, I studied 9-11 for 1,000s of hours to find news & government reports keep us distracted and from even suspecting the deeper truths.

After realizing 9-11 was a great deception, I pressed on to find the same is true of many things:

- income & tax, - news, - driver's license, - law, - court, - money, - history, - cures, - science, - education, - science, - NASA, etc.

I continue to build a huge library of 1,000s of; books, articles, 1,000s of video documentaries.

        * Below more of my quest, my history, and my goals.

As I can, I simplify or summarize what I learn and post to my web sites.

My book, A New Reality, explains my process to unlock, solve, discover deeper truth on nearly any subject.

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Anyone can do what I do, if they stay focused and
spend 1,000s of hours researching
(now 19+ years full time) as I do.

Take one subject, follow the clues to other information.
Keep copies of what you find and think of how they fit together to confirm each other.

Some join our conference calls for questions and discussions,
others contribute information, resources, and or review tomes of what I collected.

I pressed on.  I looked at Income Tax, Bank Loans, Vaccines and 100s of other subjects.

At this time, I have collected 400,000+ books, videos, audios, articles, web site links

         to help people think about them more clearly and deeply.

For over a decades, I continue my search in building this web site.

What I have on this web site is a small part of all the information I have.


I take a concept - I research it. I gather more and more evidence.

At some point, I am absolutely convinced that these things are true, then I try to find the most important, or vital pieces of information that show these conclusions, and if I can, I post them to this web site(s).


I am well aware that the information on this web site could be better organized.

I alone have written 20,000+ pages to give an overview or introduction to these subjects.

None should assume I am correct, or complete,

but if you just read a little from my web site, I am sure you will

    find solid evidence you can easily confirm.

People who WILL NOT study these subjects can believe government is good,

- that national news is complete and true,

or if they look at this web site, they can easily tell:

- that many people, organizations, corporations, institutions are lying to us, and stealing from us.

Their lies are so deep, that many don't even know they are lying.

Since they get title, prestige, money, salary, perks, they refuse to look into these subjects, so the lies just continue and support the evil, blind, arrogant people who will not see the truth.


With that behind us, I have found I have to go out and find, confirm, and

    establish these truths and post them on my web site.


Once I learned that news, and the (pretend) governments lie to us with intent to steal our wealth, health, rights, liberties and more and to press us, stress, tax us, more and more to increase their control and profit over us, I built this web site.

I have lots of visitors.  This is my own work.

I move fast on these topics now because I know where and how to find this kind of information.

Nothing is sold thru me, much is given away.

I can help you or many, if we can enter a dialogue. 

I host conference calls and I meet and or talk to many.

I sure don't know everything, but of the web sites you will find,

I have a broad spectrum of subjects.

To me, once you understand any one conspiracy,

    you are better able to see and understand other conspiracies.

You have to understand that of news, and reports from government, universities, corporations, many are flawed as they direct you to be dependent on them.

You can live a better life when you choose to be more careful and comprehensive of the information that you seek, consider and rely on.

If you want to regain your freedom, liberty, health, wealth, you should pursue the truth.

Yes, you may have to give up some things, like your zip code, and your 2 letter state,

   but when you understand the real world, you can avoid court, fines, taxes, many things which are just a bluff. Before you did not know how to disentangle from them.  Now you can learn how to be outside of their jurisdiction.


ted       a @   304 344 2335   

The Truth will set you free.  John 8:32            Faith:  Hebrews 11:1


My great gambit is that simple, intelligent people, who will read, think and type,

   will see this information to understand it is true and or to learn how to confirm it is true.

We should not let liars rule our world. It destroys our lives and our posterity,

         We abandoned God to let evil rule over us.

God gives us inalienable rights. 

If we ignore the real world around us, we destroy everything.

We must be responsible to seek, know and act in truth.

That is our only solution.  A politician or knight on a white horse will not save us.

We need to rise out of the abysmal conditions around us by standing on truth.