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Wake Up - Truth Surround us.  research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Architect, ret. computer guru


News is NOT true.  You can know the truth. The truth will set you free. John 8:32

This web site has 2,000+ pages of truth revealed. Simple Summary

I held or read in 4,000+ digital books from which I determined these truths.

Learn HOW to find, confirm, act & stand in truth.

A New Reality is my free book. is my method.  Donations are appreciated.

The world is very different then mainstream news and government tells us.  Simple Overview
Sandy Hook,  Moon Landing Hoax, Flat Earth,  
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This site shows many great deceptions, but, at best, teaches you how you can know these things directly,
without relying on news or authorities. 
I've collected vast resources beyond the information on this web site,

Government, news, universities, corporations - they all lie, to hide the suppressed truth,

Hidden truths shows better, cheaper ways for: - energy, - health, - technologies, - history.


The people & organizations who rule us, who have power over us, or have money and influence WILL NOT allow anyone to develop or use the best, inexpensive and new technologies because that would causes them to lose money, profit, control of their lucrative businesses.

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A Better Way to think, with better Information.    05/17/2018

Most people are comfortable in what they know, isolated from the truth. 
They don't want to change.  They believe their news, and avoid uncomfortable reports & truths.
While they live in denial, many of our freedoms are quickly
disappearing. Wake Up America ! 

Our world & our actions are based on what we know.
Why not consider the Truth ? 
The Truth will set you free.  John 8:32

I studied 9-11 in 2005,
first a few hours, then many hours, and now over 1,500+ hours.

It's clear to millions of us that our news is inaccurate and incomplete.
The more you study it, the more obvious it is that it is intentionally so.

How can this be ?  Look at the the 6 corporations who owns and
control the main stream in America; news, TV, books, movies.

These 6 corporations own 90% of news in America:
GE, News-Corp, Disney, VIACOM, Time Warner, CBS
They have 232 media executives, about 1 for each million Americans.
They decides what you should see, hear, read.

These same corporations are heavily invested in our Military Industrial Complex,
Pharmaceuticals, and lobbyist & contributions to our legislators.
They simply exclude news that would negatively effect what they do and results they have.
War of Words explains how these corporations bought control ownership of editorial news.
The content is controlled, it has been bought out.

Many people are afraid to think, consider, talk & debate.
The more that you do think, the more able you are to think clearly and to gain advantage.

In a simple overview, I find many subject I study, I can easily leave the limits of the news, universities, foundations and corporations, to find new sciences, new information, new people and ideas that radically change my conclusions and my actions.

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See that news is intentional distraction, exaggeration and NOT true.

Sandy Hook no one died

Moon Landings were hoax

9-11 Was Huge Deception

    Earth is Flat, not a globe, NASA lies

This site is filled with revealed truth, but more importantly, it tries to show you
you can figure this out by yourself.  Follow the Clues, use Thought Print.

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Our "governments"& courts are private corporations, which ignore our rights.  brief notes

I think we can help you - and you can help us.

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We've built a vast library of information from around the world not available to most.  It's fascinating, curious, informative, life changing.

Freedom to Fascism - Aaron Russo's movie discusses No Law requires paying income tax