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New articles on Trump, Voter Fraud, Landslide Victory Covid & more newest articles ! ! !

Trump's Executive Orders - arresting pedophiles & foreign election interference.

This website has huge info, but the link above is rapidly expanding with current information.


Shows Rockefeller capture medical industry, development & patent of virus,
Rockefeller Lockstep document 2010, decades of developing the current PlannedDemic.

Virus - Pandemic website

CoronaVirus Pandemic Hoax

 admitted in mainstream

- Facts on Covid-19       - Experts question panic        - Virus is Not Contagious doc htm

Dr. Cowan on Virus  -  Pandemic Documentary  - Who is Bill Gates articles & videos

CoronaVirus articles, Summary  Covid Nurse Exposes NY Hospital, Pandemic Epicenter, yt

On Going Events - Restored Republic   Why say NO to Stimulus check, it's a trap/ trick !

1,000s of articles: Rights, law, hoaxes, mail, suppressed truths.

currency reset, arrest of pedophiles        01/14/2021

    Conference calls on these subjects.

The Fall of Cabal - End of World as we know it, synopsis
10 parts Documentary, 12 min, each. parts 1-8 evil around us, 9-10 Good News coming.

We Are Being Played yt by AmazingPolly.net < < < < <   Gates, John Hopkins, W.H.O.

The Covid-Connection  3 part Documentary

There are 140+ articles of the PanDemic, lockdown, currency reset, etc. on this site.  I am trying to find a better way to link them.

Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV - Dr. Shiva

Grubernment liars, time to wake up - yt You can't catch a virus, It is not alive & not contagious.

Arrests and kids rescued  2,100 kids in California and NYC.

Conference call will discuss Fall of Cabal & Covid Connection, videos above

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People believe what is consistent with what we "already know," but we can research to learn new things.

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By ignoring evidence, you can continue to believe as you now believe.

We're seeing the manifestation of what I've studied for 15 years.

Psalms 18:13: To judge, without considering a matter, is foolish.

Why say NO to Stimulus check, it's a trap/ trick !
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