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Listed here are quick overviews of primary problems.

Truly EPIC! The best Liars Compilation EVER. Watch and See!

Dr David E. Martin PhD’s address to European Union Parliament – May 2023

Since 1960s government has worked to develop disease to devastate mankind.

> Once were the living.  1 or 8 page report, and or full video.   abodia.com/0.htm

The fake pandemic is to frighten you to take the crippling NON "vaccine".

> Immunity in 19 minutes viruses don't exist, nor can be contagious.


Instead of discussing how dangerous & ineffective vaccines are,
    we need to discuss how
bacteria & viruses have never been proven to cause any disease.

    - Dr. Thomas Cowan, See his book: Barnes & Noble, Contagion, virus symptoms are caused by radiation & 5G

> Germ Theory of Disease or Terrain Theory ? Pasteur vs Bechamp

> What is in dangerous experimental "covid" vaccine ?  It is NOT a vaccine !

> Dr. Simone Gold, Health & Freedom Conference, great discussion freedom & virus.
    video & transcript.

Here's Link to 5 hours of the Health & Freedom Speeches

Dr. Simone Gold: America’s Frontline Doctors comments.

    More on Dr. Gold  Vaccine Truth 

> The Future of Humanity & Freedom Lies in the Hands of Believing Christians

> Medical Science Journals Corrupt to the Core - AmazingPolly.net  more

What we experience is mostly what we expect.

Some people or institutions deceive or misinform us so they take control over or profit from us.

Truth makes us free.

Viruses have never been proven to exist nor to cause disease.
Once you get this idea, you can find many who confirm this. Dr. Thomas Cowan, Contagion, Barnes & Knoble.
The $ trillions profits ? Big Pharma industry is based on lies.

Believe their lies or learn the truth.

Patrick Bryne - The history of the ideas of freedom, rulership, in the US Constitution come from Denmark

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