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Tucker Carlson interviews Putin.

> End of COVID schedule presentations is streaming free on BrightU til 26 Feb. '24

> You can buy this for $ 100s later, this week is it's free. Incredible comperhensive.

> 90 hours/ presentations cv, vax, crypto, Big Pharma, Tech, Gov. Brilliant presentations.

Great Taking - com summary

Vaccines Murder Millions Jon Rappoport vax safety detox

2024 Jan 21 very important articles

Some most important links

Putin Bombs Cloning Lab in Ukraine -

2023 Dec 12 news articles  Viral Delusion

Peace, War and 9/11 - brilliant, weaves together published facts most never saw.

False FlagIsrael 4 Oct 2023- Storm Rider, Telegram - Attacks  More

2023--11-05-Nov New many articles

Who are They - Greg Reese report for InfoWars

Evil Technology over lay the natural human frequencies.

No Farmers, No Food - Epoch Times

New Articles from 14 Oct. 2023

Greatest Show on Earth  see what happened - Trump is commander & chief.

Maui Massacre articles    A different, dark history (summary) of development of America.

Dr. David Martin exposes W.H.O. killing with Covid, a bio-weapon, pretending to heal.

  >  Dr. Martin shows EU - gov. efforts to create lethal disease since 1960s Fauci+Covid

  > Current studies scripture   state national  Final Days - Demonic AI

The Jones Plantation - the illusion of freedom, words hypnotize us.

To determine truth, you need information including suppressed info.

There are 10,000s articles on this website. has material similar to mine, but maybe organized better.

Elon Musk announces His Purchase of Google !!  8 min

You must learn many things different than popular news before you can consider the more complex on going crimes around & encompassing us.

New articles 17 Aug 2023

Wake Up - Truth Surround us. Research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Little Rock Architect, ret. computer guru People   lesson   13th-amendment   Jenn West   Robert House    Comments CMU  contact  Introduction  Fun - great dance, kiss, actors '50s Tot. Comm

The purpose of this website is to show that much of popular thought is a lie, to get us to waive our rights, lose our freedoms & property. "Governments" want us dependent on them.  They are actively killing millions now: vaccine, war, starvation, psyche-ops,

    > End of COVID free replay Seminars to spread truth about vaccine, masks, lockdowns, soc. distancing & remedy

    > Liars 10 min.   Government & Mainstream Media hoaxes

    > Trump is Commander in Chief now  complicated, see how, X22 reports Derek Johnson explains

    > Shots: Eugenics to PLANdemics on Tubi

    > Plandemic 3 - The Great Awakening - Fake science, illusionary illness, fear destroy us.

    > Futures (bitchute) Max Igan  CrowHouse Many excellent points, watch to end.

    > W.H.O. by Treaties, takes jurisdiction over all countries to implement health issues.

    > Federal Reserve, Titanic, huge crime 1 min. video

    > Maps of Deep State ( on-going evil )     >

    > Zionist Power Structure Controls Trump, Biden, USA Politics

    > There is no virus - ever that has been identified, proven to exist, proven to cause disease, or that can be contagious. __  We get sick from toxins, preservatives in food, air, water.  The body tries to throw them off, which is what we call illness.  Detoxing makes us feel sick.  We're sick from what we took into body. Follow link at beginning.

> Amalek 1    2   3 Jews, Zionist trying to kill us    Planned Genocide & more

> The Mother of all lies - Dr. Tom Cowan- a virus is dead cells that can't reproduce, nor move, nor be contagious.

> Vaxxed - Cover-Up To Catastrophy

> 17,000 Docs & scientists call for end of bioweapon jab called vaccine Yeadon speeks

> Shocking Words from Pfizer’s former Vice President, Dr. Mike Yeadon

> Be state national, not US citizen. see Sound of Freedom in theaters now.

> Hawaii Was Attacked With Directed Energy Weapons

      > Word Magic and Casting Spells

> Save America - Get involved ! Contacts for our Congressmen !

> Tucker Carlson Goes Against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

> Trump & Military are making arrests, trials & executions shown at

> More articles linked here

> The corona jab serum & it's effects on human DNA & Brain Hacking !

> Hoaxes, Moon Landings, Sandy Hook, 9-11 & more.

> a bit about Banking, Russo, Greg Reese, Paugh, implant chip.

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Supreme Court Dockets Brunson v. Adams Case That Challenges the Failure of Congress to Investigate Disputed Electoral College Votes

New topics-  new articles: US Military, covid & vaccine,

Election Fraud.  [S]Election Code documentary about Nov. 2020 election.

Mike Lindell's Absolute Series - Absolute Proof, Absolute Interference  1,000s of felons shown on video depositing illegal ballots.

New Dark Outpost Seized Documents Contain Evidence
Former Presidents Tortured and Ate Children !

You are more likely to be injured or dead if vaccinated than those who are unvaccinated at 3:14 min.

Those vaccinated or PCR tested, now emit BlueTooth MAC ID identification. & US military Q Plan to save world.

GreatAwakening.World    DavidMartin.World

It's a Mad World: Murder by Lethal Injection. The film. click link

Primary issues with covid & jab called vaccine.

Please read this introduction

As you understand individual conspiracies,
you'll see how they all fit together.  News Lies !

What you learn & know affects what else you can learn.

Be state national, also Claim of life.

The End of Germ Theory (, Crowhouse

GERM THEORY Debunked - Watch Documentary, free2shine, SpaceBusters

The Covid-Plan / Rockefeller Lockstep 2010

cv vaccine articles    virus articles 

The jab called CV vaccine is Greatest Lie in World History

Vaxxed people emit Bluetooth codes

Intl. jury findings on cv vaccine

Vaccine Death Report

Facts on Covid-19

- Experts question panic       

- Virus is Not Contagious doc htm

Dr. Cowan on Virus  -  Pandemic Documentary  - Who is Bill Gates articles & videos

CoronaVirus articles, Summary  Covid Nurse Exposes NY Hospital, Pandemic Epicenter, yt

Ukraine   hoax   2¢ mail   irs  conspiracy  

Voter Fraud   Voter fraud - 2000 mules indexes

Stop World Control

The Fall of Cabal - End of World as we know it, synopsis

10 parts Documentary, 12 min, each. parts z
1-8 evil around us, 9-10 Good News coming.

Cabal finished    pedophilia-child-trafficking

Fall of Cabal - World leaders Pedophiles

deceptions / hoax

Ubunto Prosperity beyond money

Everything is broken    Fears by year

> Step out of US corporation <

Food shortages NOW, 46 events

Advances Tech Mind Control Bioweapons- Freeland 


Lighthouse Law Club

Nuclear Bombs Do Not Exist

Top Videos, Human Cloning

Proof the plandemic was planned and is a 'crime against humanity', says 100s of lawyers & scientists.

As you read what you think is not relevant,
learn how these events affect your life, wealth, health, rights, etc.

Who is this prophet? (2 min)

This guy spoke in 1999 about what we will do now in 2022.

     It is eerie, he is naming all our bad habits.  Wow

Watching You Tubes, arguing with Soc. Media, much more.

BioWeapon labs in Ukraine - built by people & funds of United States

I will post new articles since 28 May 2022 here. - massive forensic evidence of huge 2020 voter fraud updated .

2,000 people, mules, couriers are stuffing ballot drop boxes in middle of night 2-4 am, long after the polls closed, traveling thru several counties & to many ballot drop boxes. 2,000 felonies caught on surveillance cameras confirmed with Device ID & GPS.

To those who doubt the ongoing Tribunals and Executions .

> Human Image - The Fundamental Legal Fiction video <

Man vs human, spiritual man vs legal person

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> Voter Fraud <     ^ top of page

Who is Destroying America ?

Voter Fraud Fellons arrested see

My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell's 'Absolute Proof' Documentary  (voter fraud)

Unmasked: Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election? 16 m

What will it take to Wake Us Up? 1 hr v many subjects

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 bit chute: Panic in Washington [DC]    The Take Down    GhostEzra notes

We are Watching a White Hat Movie: The 2021 USA Inc. Joe Biden Shadow Presidency 

> The Marshall Report  - God is Truth, man is not <

On search for:

Their plan has always been Pure Evil -- Wayne Jett

How One Man Took Down America Pharma Medicine Rockefeller 2 min yt

Corbett Report Documentaries 9/11, Oil, Banks, Medicine, Gates  ...

How/ Why Big Oil Conquered the World (2015/2017) - Rockefeller

Flexner Report - How Rockefeller eliminated natural cures & captured medical industry in US.v. text

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money - Corbett Report

> JFK to 911 Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick yt <

Perpetrators of 9-11   Cool stuff

White House is Closed Forever

Pastor explains New World Order yt    transcript.

> My simplified web site  <

The U.S. Government and its Military Have Declared War on the American People

Empire of the City (States) ~ The Crown/ financial - Washington DC/ military - Vatican/ spiritual ...

$ 2.3 Trillion Lawsuit was filed that names Google

Papers Delivered Feb 27, 2020

Case 3:19-cv-02407-CAB-AHG.  Link to Case

Case will be tried by Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo, Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of California

Some Defendants are: Google LLC, Facebook inc, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk.

“Providing to China’s government, their corporations and nefarious entities, Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition, Body Detection, Skeleton Detection, Vital Organ Recognition, Emotion detection, Skin and Health Biometric and other Al technology that led to persecution, torture, organ harvesting, death and cremation of human beings in China, not limited to Uighur, Falun Dafa, Christian, Tibetan, Democracy activists, judges, attorneys, common citizens and other minority groups. Endangering the world by Weaponizing China’s Al Capabilities that is be laid on the (BRI) One Belt One Road linking Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, endangering all of humanity. Same violations of facts number 1, 2 and 3.”

Unfortunately that case seems to have been be dismissed. 1 Jun, 2020

17 million hits formerly BANNED by Google, Twitter, Facebook.

We're seeing far greater suicides now than we are deaths from Covid Redfield Jr. CDC Director

Benjamin Fulford is shows how we NOW have opportunity to enter a new realm of freedom. Pay Attention to events.

Benjamin Fulford – America 2.0  27 min.

New Posts - Index 2021-01-20 Trump, Biden, Insurrection Act, Military control Pedophilia/ human trafficking is the fastest growing international crime network
It's passed the illegal arms trade and soon will pass the illegal drug trade.

World leaders, legislators, media moguls, celebrities, CEOs world wide are engaged in human/ child trafficking, rape, ritual abuse, and other horrific crimes, unseen by public.
1,000s are being and will be arrested, tried, imprisoned or executed.
Most people are ignorant of the huge crimes on going.
They honor and obey villainous criminals who have no authority over them.

Awareness: to see and know the problem is the first step to remedy.

Its all fakery.  Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in our world

 > Cabal Finished  <      ^ top of page

Famous people in government, celebrities, corporations, banks, arrested, tried, executed for crimes against humanity. 8 Feb 2021

Mid-2020 GITMO Update: Arrests, Indictments, & Executions

> Restored Republic 2021 01 01

The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal - Part 8

New articles on Trump, Voter Fraud, Landslide Victory Covid & more newest articles ! ! !

Trump's Executive Orders - arresting pedophiles & foreign election interference.

This website has huge info, but the link above is rapidly expanding with current information.

Many links to Dr. Charlie Ward videos   more links

UN Building with no Flags - Confirmed 7th September 2020

On Going Events - Restored Republic  
Why say NO to Stimulus check, it's a trap/ trick !

Arrests and kids rescued  2,100 kids rescued in California and NYC.

News  Aerial photos over Charleston W.Va.  Contact    h @  Mail letters for 2 ¢

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