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Wake Up - Truth Surround us. Research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Architect, ret. computer guru

The world is very different then main steam news and government tells us. YOU can know the TRUTH !

Letter to NASA - Stop Lying - Show proof of moon landing !

NASA ADMITS We Never Went to the Moon  9 minutes you tube

Simple Basic Points showing what they portrayed is impossible.

Main Points - showing photos & video are faked.  You Tube Videos:    (more detail in articles below)

Moon Landings Fact or Fiction complete fixed - 2 hr. Marcus Allen - Best

What Happened On the Moon? - Analysis of the Lunar Photography  UFO TV

What Happened On the Moon? Part 2 - Environmental Dangers & The Trouble with Rockets  - UFO TV

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

We Never Went to the Moon.com- Fake Moon Landing Totally Exposed

We Didn't go to the Moon - Jim Fetzer, Moon Rocks books

History of Fake Space | Outer Space Does Not Exist  Especially good at 6 min. forward



What Happened on the Moon ? Apollo Investigation - excellent Video presentation

https://www.aulis.com/moon_pt1.htm        https://www.aulis.com/moon_pt2.htm



Photo Analysis:  Jack White's Apollo Studies

of supposed Moon landing photos

Brief photo set        Full photo set

Problems in the moon photos - Jack White



10 Reasons Moon Landings could be hoax.

Did man Ever land on the Moon ?

Lunar Lie

Man on Moon or Pie in Sky

Moon Landing Hoax - Ralph Rene

NASA Mooned America - Ralph Rene

Was it only a paper moon ?

Kubrick's clues he filmed fake moon landings in the Shining movie

Challenger AstroNOTS alive!

Quotes of things wrong in Moon Landing Record

Evidence of Fraud, US 1969-1972 Lunar Missions

Moon landings conspiracy theories

The Myth of Apollo - Did the USA really go to the Moon?

Moon Hoax Images

Human Space Travel Hoaxes 1959-2016

NASA Faked Moon Landing video

NASA crashes faked

Moon Hoax - Did we go to the moon

Man on the Moon- A rethink

Fake ISS Green Screen Proofs Videos  - Fake No Gravity


Dark Moon             by David Percy & Mary Bennett
Jack White's Photo Analysis
One Small Step     by Gerhard Wisnewski
NASA Mooned America             by Ralph Rene
Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA     by R. Hoagland

www.NASA.gov    Apollo Record on the web.


60 Years of Faking Space ( Flat Earth )



Page Exposing NASA Intro video


These are several videos on a play list.


Apollo Scam from Uk


Flat Earth Conspiracy

Earth is Flat

Flat Earth on You Tube

Admiral Byrd