Superior Jurisdiction  States spelled out !  

Act from your sovereign state - Have the superior claim !

This is rough note. Forgive me that it is only roughly explained.  Perhaps someone would help me rewrite this more clearly.

I mailed 14,500+ letters across the continental United States for 2, 3 or 6 postage.

I researched the actual postage rates as set by the US Congress, in Statues at Large, I put the actual law cites right on my mail.

But I also think I have discovered something far more important.

My friends & I write letters to courts, judges, and the governor and or state Attorney General, or Sec. of State.

They may still address those people as they want to be addresses, using a 2 letter state and or zip code.

I stay true to the format I use, even when writing to elected officials, or even mailing a utility bill.

        Here is an example:   

John Doe, c/o Attorney General

c/o West Virginia State Capitol, Room 453

1331 Kanawha Boulevard E

Charleston, West Virginia


I don't use 2 letter states, nor zips, nor any abbreviation like Rd St Ave, as the USPS (Postal Service) has so directed us to use their abbreviations in their Domestic Mail Manual. I think they have copyrighted those 2 letter states, zip codes, and all those little abbreviations, as listed in their DMM.

So I am writing to the real, flesh and blood man, even though he sits at the desk of an official. 
I am not writing to his "Office," not his title, I am writing to the living man.

When I write, I will make statements or claims, like:

Since you are acting for the Attorney General, you must follow this event xyz, and be sure that the State Police or local police get involved in the case I mentioned.

You have 10 days to resolve this, and or remain silent.  If you do not make complete correction, and or a complete, lawful resolve on this issue, then you default to admit that you are an active participant in the crime/ harm and are subject to this claim.

The courts have determined, when you are connected or involved: morally,  financially, or legally, and you ask a question to the other person, they must respond or their silence is equated acceptance of what you stated.  (They are committing fraud and will not admit it.)

If they do not respond to you, that is their tacit admission and or default to your claims.

So when you write a question to a supposed lawful authority, then cannot rebut you in truth & law.

They rarely try, therefore defaulting to your claim (in common law), but even if they try, they must write to you with 2 letter state and zip.
I tell them in my letter they must write to me in state spelled out and NO zip.  They will not write to you in common law format, (no zip etc.) as their immunity is NOT in common law, real land area.  If I get a letter with zip code, I just return it as it is presuming I live in zip code area, but I don't so I return such letters.

They do not have authority or jurisdiction to write to real, living people, in real states, so they cannot write back and rebut even if they want to. They do not have jurisdiction over living people.  They only have jurisdiction over legal fictions (ALL CAPITAL NAMES, 2 letter states, zip codes.)

So I was doing all this to learn to use cheap postage, and I found, by accident, I can get to a higher jurisdiction, where they cannot (lawfully) attach to me.

Now it is important to send these letters to make your claims.  They establish the public record and your judgment (award, claim) as they default, it proves they do not have the authority over you they presume to have.

This is just my thinking, my experience. I do not yet have confirmation from any one that this how this is working, but I am sure I am right.

I send almost all mail to: court, utilities, bills, etc., newsletters for 2 per 1/2 ounce.  I mail at the USPO Post Office drop box inside.

When someone receives my letter, they know right away the jurisdiction from which I speak.

The more you study & learn, the more confidence, action, benefit you can have.

Learn more of mail postage rates here:

Ted E