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Conf. Call on Common Law, rights

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Tuesday '21 Nov. 16 -

R. House, J. West, C. Stewart - common law, rights, court

other files on the web under the name of each speaker

Link to Nov. 16 audio  Notes from call  


Tuesday 21 Sept. '21 4 pm EST,  phone # & code below

Tuesday Call May 18 Jenn West & Kennitta L

Notes from 5 Jan. 2021.

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26 Oct. 2021, Join our conference, learn how to learn fast !

The world is very different then mainstream news and government tells us. You're visitor:

Freedom begins with knowledge of Yahweh God & law (truth).

Our conference schedule and topic's) varies    

People who read, study the topics BEFORE our call will lead our discussion

We start talking about the topic, but later may be open discussion.

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Notes below were from former calls.

Tuesdays, we talk of current events:

trump, election, Sting to capture those involved in Voter Fraud

pandemic & more.

Every Thursday study 1 lesson from website

Vain  showing errors in bible translation to know the truth form original paleo Hebrew scriptures.

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Many people are shy and silent at first,
but you will soon be comfortable, talkative in our relaxed casual format.


The more you learn, the more intelligent and substantial will be your discussion and questions.

There is much information on our web sites.

For more information come on to our conference calls.

We want to discuss and share with you how to:
- discharge debt, - step out of income or other taxes,
- cancel court cases or charges
- be exempted from police or court
- how to provide for your family without being interrupted by the government.

     Some of us may have studied: Charlie Kirk, Charlie Ward, Charlie Freak,
National Liberty Alliance, Judge Anna von Reitzinger, David Robinson, Rodney Class, Bill Thornton, Roger Elswick, Jean Keating, Robert Kelly/ American's Bulletin, David DeRiemer/ People's Rights, Santos Bonaci, Michael Tellinger, and or others.


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God be with you.


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