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The world is very different then main steam news and government tells us. You're visitor:

Freedom begins with a knowledge of God & law.

Come on our conference calls by phoneSee How

it is 2 July.  There are no calls planned at this time.

I ill update when we have a plan.

Please contact me, ted

if you will help me, be a speaker, promote the calls and schedule hosts,

Notes below were for former calls.

- - -

We have 3 calls this week.

26 June Tues, 7 pm, 28 June Thur 7 pm, 1 July Sun 5 pm eastern savings times.

I Ted will be host and will remain on the call as long as we have discussion.

Sunday MAY be our busiest evening discussion.

We like to have a speaker, topic and introduction notice, but not this week.

All are welcome.  It would be good to hear in advance who may join the call.

Send your first or given name or nick name to

You would be kind to tell me your city, state and or

possibly your primary work: salesman legal research, whatever ??


Everyone is shy and silent at first, but you will soon be comfortable to our relaxed casual format.


Dial-in #: 712 775-7085,         Access Code:    879 599 #

Playback #: 712 775-7089 listen to former recorded conferences.  Same Access Code.


We are meeting each other, introductions, and planning our speakers & topics.

Notes below are about former conferences.

We are get organized again.  I've done the calls / meetings for 11 years.

I am looking for anyone to help me.  Calls are great getting people to meet & help each other.


Truth Conference  Thur 7-9 pm        Sometimes Tuesday computer lessons also if people contact me in advance

We, the living people, are the creators and the creditors to our world.

We have power in ourselves and in our wet ink autograph.  Learn how to use it.

There is much information on our web sites.

For more information come on to our conference calls.

We want to discuss and share with you how to:
- discharge debt,
- cancel court cases or charges
- be exempted from police or court
- how to provide for your family without being interrupted by the government.

     Some of us may have studied:
National Liberty Alliance, Judge Anna von Reitzinger, David Robinson, Rodney Class, Bill Thornton, Roger Elswick, Jean Keating, Sam Kennedy, Robert Kelly/ American's Bulletin, David DeRiemer/ People's Rights, Santos Bonaci ?
(Barton Butz, Omega 17)


If you miss a call, phone in and playback the recording(s)

or from their web site play or download the recording(s).

We think it is best if you come on with skype, but you can also come on call by phone.


If you download to your computer the audio file(s)

then you can go forward or backwards or play any segment more easily they using the phone access.


This is the web site:


Our Meeting ID is: 826-935-617

Go to History & Recordings, by date or topic, choose the file you want to download to your computer.

Note where you put that file on your own computer.  Play, pause, go forward or backwards in the file.

If you make notes, send the notes via e-mail to Ted, who may find a way to keep or post them to share with others.


With phone access, you can only hear the last recording.

If you go to the web site, then you can select any of the posted recordings.


If you want to come on to our Skype Conferences, send me an invitation thru skype.

I am     Hyparhouse on skype.


Also send an e-mail to         a @

You would be kind to tell me at least your first name or nickname, possibly your city and or primary interest.


May you find and stand on truth !

God be with you.


Donations are appreciated.  All I do for last decade is without charge.