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The world is very different then mainstream news and government tells us.  Simple Overview
Sandy Hook, Moon Landing Hoax, Flat Earth, Nuclear Hoax     
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This site shows many great deceptions, but, at best, teaches you how you can know these things directly,
without relying on news or authorities. 
I've collected vast resources beyond the information on this web site,

I teach any teenager or adult how they can determine, confirm and know the truth.

Government, news, universities, corporations - they all lie, to hide the suppressed truth,

Hidden truths shows better, cheaper ways for: - energy, - health, - technologies, - history.  www.ThoughtPrint.org


The people & organizations who rule us, who have power over us, or have money and influence WILL NOT allow anyone to develop or use the best, inexpensive and new technologies because that would causes them to lose money, profit, control of their lucrative businesses.



-hp- Truth Seekers - - the Quest ... www.abodia.com/  started Feb. 2005 to 07 Mar 2017
Wake Up - Truth Surround us. Research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Little Rock Architect, ret. computer guru People Comments CMU

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  Sandy Hook Conn. & Aurora, Colo. Shootings & Gun Control ! - Boston Marathon Hoax

To see the magnitude of the deception must cause us to know we need to seek the truth.

Main stream news does not make sense. News lies !

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What information you get, determines your action, and the limits of your world.

Learn of the suppressed information, both good & bad.  There are evil things lurking behind news reports, but also,
there are new developments in science, technology, cures, law, debt & more that can give you benefit when you learn them.
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Learn to be a Sovereign, above any attorney, judge, court, above any law (statue) city / county, state / federal government.
Claiming Your Rights     9-11       FEMA Camps      ChemTrails      US to cede Sovereignty      Vaccines !
Most people are comfortable in what they know, yet, they are isolated from the truth. 
They don't want to change.  They believe their news, and avoid uncomfortable reports & truths.
While they live in denial, many of our freedoms are quickly disappearing.  Wake Up America !  Educate Yourself !

 " Since corrupt people unite amongst themselves to constitute a force,
then honest people must do the same " - Count Leo N. Tolstoy

Is Obama Eligible ? www.abodia.com/o   He's spent $ 1.4 million hiding his birth certificate !


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- Gun Control, Terrorist Legislation to control you !    

Oklahoma City - What Really Happened -live coverage shows national news covered up early reports.

Oklahoma City Bombing  -Plot around the world
The Coming Attacks on America 
an Alternative view of current events

HS Shootings - is there a pattern ? Columbine Massacre    Massacre at Red Lake   Port Arthur Massacre

Pearl High School Killings   Virginia School Shooting:

Another Government Black-Op?

Wal-Mart's Bus. Plan Let American taxpayer pay our expenses

Fighting and Dying In Afghanistan for Opium

Open your Mind - Old facts           - - - > index    or top

www.abodia.com/911 What Really Happened
, the Grand Deception

www.abodia.com/t    Truth Seekers,
   meet weekly in skype conferences
   Top O Rock, Charleston & W. Va. 

www.abodia.com/irs    Most Americans do not need
to file or pay inc. tax.  67 Million quit ! 
Clear explanation of law - you've never seen.
Fed. Res. & IRS are not part of US gov. 
Fed. Res.
is private foreign corp. private banks,
 working for profit within the United States. 
They are source of Stock Market crash '29, farm foreclosures in mid west in '30s and troubles yet to come.

Alternative News.  Remember these ?: - Oklahoma City Bombings, - Columbine HS Shootings, - Branch Davidians Waco, - Randy Weaver  Ruby Ridge.  What you learned in national news is far from truth of local news.  We've been deceived. Research to find the truth on these issues. 
Each of these impacts your life in America.  There's a rush to give power to government, to control us all; National ID, increase spending and armament in domestic security, control, police powers.  The lying news keeps us in anger, fear, and cowering to increase powers over us supposedly to protect us.  We are deceived. Learn the truth, - the lies will not stand. 

Stand for America,    Stand for Freedom.  

Oklahoma City Federal Building - on live broadcast video - showed  occupants, and street witnesses, after blast,  all agree the bombs were within the building.  Live broadcast showed a flat area in front of building.  The illusion of a truck bomb and the Newsweek's drawing of a cavity in front of building were all a hoax to get Americans to vote for Terrorism legislation.  USAF General Partin''s analysis shows truck bomb could not have done unsymmetrical damage, only bombs within the building.  Live news said bomb squad found other unexploded bombs within the structure, which delayed rescue work for 5 hours.  OK City Bombing

                                        How to Learn    Language frames Thought  - - - > index    or top

There are many ways to learn, slowly with small articles revealing hidden truths, then thru Video presentations, you gain deeper knowledge, peeking your interest (or anger).  Finally, Elden has collected 400+ complete books, converted to digital, many copyrighted but released thru Scribd.com                

The facts are compelling, complete and decisive.  We have been deceived !

To avoid or ignore truth, only increases our calamity.

Let's Wake Up America !

3 stages of Truth:
- Ridicule, - Violent Resistance, - Acceptance

In times of universal deceit,
telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
1984 (book by) - George Orwell

Learn the Truth -   The truth will set you free. John 8:32           - - - > index    or top

There are many ways to learn much news is not true
- it's deception with a purpose

Our education, our professionals, institutions
and government are not open & honest.

Once you find deception in one area,
you can consider it in other areas.

Elden studied 9-11 for 1,000+ hours,
to learn how news closes our mind
to truths easily available from many public sources; Congressional Records, court cases, etc.

Media, institutions, government, universities,
all speak to hold us to the myths around us -
to concentrate the wealth & power of those in power,
They control (limit) the circulation of news.

Americans must consider the truth.  
While many delay, we are losing our country, our wealth, our health, our freedom & our safety.

60+ other articles & links 9-11 Truth 

index of other Great Deceptions - Conspiracies

The amount of detailed & confirming info. is overwhelming.

Truth Seekers Meet weekly www.abodia.com/t

   Contact Ted 304 344 2335 any time  (If late for meeting - to see if we are still there )

Contact me at:     a @ abodia.com  304 344 2335   
Open to Public:  10 to 30 people come to meetings.  All welcome.

This web sites & links gives hints to some of the 100s of topics we discuss.

Here we have a vast library of resources ( DVDs, audio recordings, books & e-Books ) available to loan.

Computer Lesson/ Demo Gather 5 or more people, I'll give presentation on skype. W

When you learn tricks on using your compute
r, your android tablet, mp3 player and the internet, then you can learn and confirm information more quickly & easily.

I have 1/4 million files !!! Videos, audios, books & articles, I can find things in just a few seconds.

Demonstrate Some Computer Software, some is free

Total Commander, Index Your Files, Note Tab (do 1, 10, or 100 different things all at once, very easy.)
Omni Page Pro to convert pdfs, graphic images and photos into MS word documents.

Concepts on how to back-up & how to stabilize (make error free) your computer.

Firehand Lightening, great graphics program for photos, images, graphics, change, enhance, flip, resize & more.

I will touch on Total Commander – many commands.

Speed your work, put programs on key strokes


I do much work very quickly because I learned easy ways.


Most people work hard to do simple things, because they have not learned the easy way.


Working long & hard does not create greater value.

Getting things done, is where you have a value.


Learning is what separates the stubborn from the animated, energetic people.


What I know & use, I did not learn from 1 book, but from 10s of 1,000s of hours of working on internet & computer.

I can make your life easier and more rewarding. Ted Elden

What We Can Do          - - - > index    or top

The media hood winked most of population for a long time.
Get involved, Think about what is really happening. 
Check the truth, spread the alert.

I've worked full time to unravel the truth since discovering
9-11 is Great Deception in Feb.'05.  Here's what I've done. 
I travel West Virginia. I speak to civic groups;
Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, ... & students & colleges

I drafted a book & a college course on Conspiracies -
Analyze the points of Persuasion - much yet to do.
I continually expand my web site; 100s pages, 1,000s of articles.

I'm building an audience; 100s of contacts, newspapers, media, organizations, colleges, clubs.
I've made. mailed and distributed nearly 3,500 DVDs - documentaries making the complex simple.

I've formed Truth Seekers - Free Thinkers.
We meet at Top O Rock monthly  & special meetings.

Any could help me directly, time & labor, or
in support, donations, or supplies.
Whatever your area of interest, or skill,

there's a way we can help each other.  Contact me.

I've many projects underway,
I'd like typing, postage, ink., calls, etc.

The first action is to find & share information. 

We need many to   understand the problem
we can work on the solution.

Deception in the media is worst problem.
Most follow the (lying) news !

DVD Video Collection: 1,000s of narrative descriptions           - - - > index    or top

Complicated things made simple. get from NetFlix, Elden or others

DVDs give national expert witness, researchers, scientist, engineers to explain things with witness, evidence, court cases, Congressional Records & Congressional Hearings & Investigations.  The Truth will set you free !

View these titles can on-line, purchased or borrow some from Elden

     for Good News - incredible discoveries, inventions, etc.

Zeitgeist: Addendum solution to war, money & current problems - video

Elden's Best DVD Videos   

DVD Collection 1   

Collection 2    Collection 3    Col 4

500+ DVD, video Titles   from NetFlix & ...


In Lies We Trust CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism, Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Cover-Up in Oklahoma City - OKC Bombing Evidence DVD

Global Warming or Global Governance? DVD
9/11 Science Steven E. Jones and Kevin Ryan -  DVD

 Videos on line       More titles here    - - - > index    or top

What's Happening in America Libertarian Stan Jones Montana- Truth

Toxic Sky ? Chemtrails in the news

Bill Clinton Sells the New World Order to US   

Pay No Taxes - Freedom to Fascism - Russo's national movie Articles here www.abodia.com/irs


Dr. Deagle: Univ. of CO., Col. of Medicine - New World Order

UFO's, antigravity technology and Lockheed Martin

Part 1 with Boyd Bushman     Part 2 with Boyd Bushman
Boyd on UFO's and simple Anti-Gravity device

American Scholars Symposium on 9/11 - Los Angeles 6/24-25, with  
Alex Jones, Jim Fetzer, Webster Tarpley, and U.S. House candidate Col. Dan Bowman.
was most requested show history.

Alex Jones’ “TerrorStorm  video google - history of false flag operations to start wars. Once wars start, none turn back to see why

The Naked Truth”, '98 ? Man can reason, but usually he follows leaders, who deceive to leader's purpose, anthropological info.

Century of the Self Freud's Edward Bernays led Madison avenue to control our thinking !.  “Brasscheck TV” many broadband videos.

United Nations and the New World Order

George Carlin gives a clear overview of our current time

Sequel to JFK II, “the Assassination of JFK Jr.”

ex CIA agent the Wayne Madsen daily report.alternate reality

Greg Palast. see revealing links between corporations & government,
Get on his investigative reporter’s mailing list. His books are excellent !

Webcast on -Thurs. eve 9 PM ET - revelations of Mae Brussel and Col. Fletcher Prouty (USAF)  Valuable info. on the shadow government.

Black Op Radio”, Prof. Jim Fetzer is a frequent guest speaker.

The tradition of controlling elites in western civilization, in measures beyond military coercion, stretches back to ancient times.   The brutal and rapacious Roman Empire was actually (with some exceptions) very tolerant of diverse religions, observances, philosophies, and cultures. This changed abruptly in the 4th century CE as society was about to plunge into the ‘Dark Ages‘. The last ten years has seen a revival of truth about the ancient world which had been brutally suppressed in the former century. Brian Flemming’s “The God Who Wasn’t There”.

WikiLeaks.org released documents - stings the hand they point to

Books - Articles - News  - Free Press           - - - > index    or top

Great Library here:   www.BibliotecaPleyades.net/esp_tema.htm

The Complete 9/11 Timeline consists of information from over 7,000 mainstream news stories on 9/11,  Paul Thompson
each fact immediately followed by sourcing which links back to the original news article. New York newsweekly

9-11Smoking Guns found in Mainstream Articles - Alex Jones

American Free Press is a populist weekly newspaper that reports what the mainstream media will not.

Banks & Banking - Books

Elden's         9-11 Conclusions

Research on 9-11- List of 450+ of over 2,000 articles Elden read    from Feb. 2005   updated 11 Sept. 2006
    9-11 "Official Story" proves to be Great Deception. 
Many other truths here unveiled.

400+ Books recommended to understand reality.

Common Sense - New World Order Booklet
Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11 Booklet  



www.InfoWars.com : Because there's a War on for your Mind

A Summary of current problems:   
the problem   

Zeitgeist: Addendum the solution to war, money - video

  What's with the Strange Weather ?  

Why were the photos & videos of the Moon Landing hoaxed, done in a studio ?
See Hoagland's Dark Mission (book)
Hoagland was with Walter Cronkite on original broadcast where he lied as to what was really happening.

See Waking Up by Alan Watts - how we recognize the conspiracies, confusion around us.

Quotes  more quotes from Thomas Jefferson
'In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act'. 1984 - George Orwell:

'The individual is handicapped coming face to face with
a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists'.
.  - J. Edgar Hoover

 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'. - Martin Luther King

Contact:            - - - > index    or top

 Truth Seekers .. the Quest   at Top O Rock,  www.abodia.com/t
Ted Elden, Charleston, West Virginia     a at abodia.com  304 344 2335

Elden is 60+ year old, diverse in work; Architect, Importer, Entrepreneur, published photographer & poet.
computer guru, teacher, public speaker -
fascinated with thinking & language, sportsman, athlete.

Awakening to Truth has startled me and become my priority over everything

  Help us Wake Up America !

Important web sites to understand the world.

a world of information Elden learned from many others and is focused and clearly presented at these websites.


Discusses the Columbine Shootings, and the Zionist connection.

Read links at bottom of the other HS shootings around the planet to see they all have similar Method of Operation..

Jewish shooters, drugs, therapist in place before event, etc., all planned to get gun control laws in place.



https://judicial-inc.biz  or www.Judicial-Inc.Org

Many articles about Holocaust denials, and more.

I thought like main stream, until I analyzed the hard evidence.

Our thinking has been controlled for centuries. The internet lets you see alternative views.

Once you consider and embrace the real facts, from public records, scientific investigations, etc. you can find hidden truths.

What we have been taught is from controlled Jewish / Zionist sources.  They are hiding their involvement.


9/11 Planes Flew Directly into Secure Computer Rooms in Both [World Trade] Towers

www.erichufschmid.net/TFC/Bollyn-Fuji-WTC.html  Was there a homing device there ?


www. EricHufschmid.net/TFC/Fuji-Bank-Stanley-Praimnath.html

Fuji Bank loaded to explode in WTC Towers - how Japan & their crime families are involved in 9 /11

 Were the unused batteries stored explosives ?


www.EricHufschmid.net   I spoke with Eric Hufschmid when I was first learning of 9-11.

He published book & movie Painful Questions which showed me the plane fires could not have caused the WTC to collapse.

Educate-Yourself.org:The Freedom of Knowledge; The Power of Thought

brief summary of many of the major topics covered. I've placed the subjects ..."


www.USAvsUS.info  Learn how our government is selling out it's responsibilities to private corporations who don't have to honor your constitutional rights.  Only if you know your rights can you demand them.  Learn the meaning of the US Constitution.  Any law that conflicts with the constitution is null and void (you don't have to abide by it) according to the rulings of the US Supreme Court. Know the law and be disposed to use it.  It is your only protection.    

How to Think            - - - > index    or top

Elden delights in thinking, leaving behind those who cling to what they have been taught and what their peers think.

To consider, & experience new information, to analyze it, research it, is to be open to change (improvement / awareness).

Change has many benefits, particularly in being able to see clearly the reality around us, without predetermining what you see.


I've spent 1,000s of hours in studying what most will not consider, as it is not consistent with what they already know.

If you take the time to read, think, explore you can change your own world.


I certainly did not believe I could avoid paying taxes and I thought that my taxes went to the US gov.

Legal research proved the opposite, so I got bold, wrote letters, did not get reasonable answers and I acted.

When I told the US President & IRS Commissioner I would no longer pay, I was afraid.  They acknowledged and have not written to me since.  By knowledge & action, my fear disappeared. No harm or threat came to me.


I had been living in a world of fear and bad information for decades, but by reading and thinking I out stepped my limits.


If I lived in the limited world of the news and or what my friends and colleagues think, I would still be in the old world.


I can help people who have the time, energy and the ability to think.

I can show you short cuts to what has taken me 100s of hours to figure out.

Are you suspicious or curious about UFOs, bad things on going like our government manufacturing , Aids and diseases.

I can show you direct links to people with particular knowledge, research and proof to the things you are curious about.

I have 30,000 files collected on one of my computers.  I have excellent search & investigation skills and techniques, I can teach.


Find these things by following the clues, thru the internet.  I can take you to the heart of the subjects with undeniable evidence. 
I can help you.  You only need to tell me you area of interest.  Even our CIA admits t 80% of their info comes from the internet.


You also need to learn a few things from me, like how to search for anything, to find, confirm, etc.

and how to pass the limits of your thinking, leaving main stream news behind - to  follow a diversity of language, radio interviews, videos, e-Books and more to find the things that cannot reach you thru the controlled news.


Many thought the news is working for us.  News is the primary reason that we are excluded from knowing the bad things around us.  News have been bought out by the powerful, controlling and rich sources that control our world.  Learn how many are poising our land, sea / water, skies.  How bad things are happening to many, but are not reported so most do not know.


To learn, to know is to increase your safety and freedom.

To live in the popular world is to expand and promote the evil that runs undetected.


Be a Truth Seeker, join our efforts.         - - - > index    or top


What has NASA Really been Up ?

NASA Truth


There are 2 worlds of reality.

What you knew before, and what you can easily know.


What is commonly presented to the public,

and the real story,
what secret governments, private corporations are really doing.


You can piece the veil and learn the inner truth.

You only have to be curious and follow the clues.


I did, millions have.

At first the road seems unsure, dangerous, frightening,

but in time, you will meet others in your quest

and be comforted to know that millions have already left main stream media,

to pursue the deeper truth.


Our very life, health, safety depend on our knowing and spreading the truth.

Don't hide in the false illusion that our leaders are working for us.


Slip through the veil of secrecy and spread the word.

It is your patriot duty, and is required to save our future and our children

from otherwise certain enslavement and bad things are on going.

Great Book / Web Site: America in Distress JPD Publishers

Collapse of Rich Nations like Argentina, now USA - How it happens

Corporate US gov. has been replaced with the Homeland Security Corp.
We lose rights, money, property, as you submit to these fictitious corps. Learn the truth !
30 little known facts about America     Laws do not apply unless you agree    USAvsUS.info

US Military used on US Citizens     What's a $ trillion look like ?

Current Events                      - - - > index    or top

9-11 Cover-up Timeline         Planet X 

Convert to Digital TV ? - Mind Control

Swat Team conducts food raid in rural Ohio

Ohio Ag Dept. & State’s top cop sued for Food Co-Op Raid

Vice Pres. Cheney, former AG, state senator indicted abuses in prison, Texas

US Economy Collapsing - by recent Bailout Legislation           

Federal Reserve, - is private foreign Banks - is not part of US government.- used to collapse nations, worldwide

Fed to Provide up to $540 Billion to Aid Money,
over & above $700 billion bailout 

Random incompetence or a Fascist Coup d'Etat ?
What is happening in America - heed the warnings.

Quiet Occupation of United States

Troops deployed on US Streets to quell  - Riots on Bailout

UN owns & controls US National Parks hides foreign troops

Federal Reserve sets stage for Weimar-style Hyperinflation

Doubt Official Story 40 Reason - 9-11 2001

News Lies - Learn why 25 Stories Censored from Natl. Media

Free Energy Devices - available  Free Energy, for 50+ years     Solution to World's Problems of conflict & money

Real Criminals behind heinous acts of 9-11 who profited in
$ billions
for short stock sales - not investigated by gov.

Skip down to the Truth - read their names & huge profits  

16th Amendment on Trial in Chicago - Is it fraud ? Now in the court.  Benson Wrote the Law that Never Was.  He traveled to each of 48 state's capitals to get certified documents that amendment wasn't properly ratified. Can citizen present evidence to prove his case? Is 16th unconstitutional? 1st amendment is on trial. Can he speak freely ?

Hitler's Enabling Act compared to Bush's Patriot Act

 Washington exposed as secretly financing Al-Qaeda

"Bush Sr. shipped printing plates to Saddam: at 'switch', had to retrieve them By C. Story, Intl. Currency Review ..."


You know mind & body - Learn of Spirit Science - Links

    Flower of Life - Ancient Knowledge useful Today !  ProsspF

Sheriff & 5 armed deputies, then 4 Policemen with shotgun lay siege to my home. then leave - no incident here !

Don't talk to nor give your name to these pretend authorities to avoid all their calamity !

- - - > index    or top

( Beckley Library meetings ( temporarily suspended) 2nd Mondays monthly in evenings- ADL Rm. basement ) 

9/23/2016 & CERN