What really happened in 9-11 Attacks ?                    

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There are 2 ways to think -              Blindly follow authority, or              Reason through actual facts.

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The Complete 9/11 Timeline planned events in mainstream news.

US government offered a quick explanation thru the national news media;
Foreign Terrorist hijacked planes which crashed into World Trade Ctr. & Pentagon, 1,000s killed. 
Osma bin Laden responsible.
How did we learn this ? 
Is the description of these events accurate, tested, consistent with the hard evidence ?

Come with me on a tour that has transformed my world.  I thought our news had fed us truth.

Now we see there are 1,000s of things not published in national media that lead to a very different understanding of who caused 9-11.    Millions have discovered the 9-11 Deception.

Patriots speak of 9-11

Short video questions what happened on 9-11    shows much of what government / media told you is just not true.  https://www.PentagonStrike.co.uk/flash.htm#Main   

 “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains
– however improbable – must be the truth !"
 - Sherlock Holmes / Conan Doyle

"The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them;
inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors."   
Thomas Jefferson

We've spent 1,000s of hours , $ 1,000s examining facts about 9-11 and related items, and have clearly determined,
as have millions of Americans, that 9-11 Cover Story cannot be true in many of their "statements".

Conspiracy Theories are a misnomer. 
The press knowingly excludes information that would change your conclusions.

First impressions rule !  It takes tremendous forces to introduce facts & witnesses that were excluded.

On 9-11, 1,000s of other facts have been disclosed that are true & uncontested, just not widely known.
They've been broadcast on local stations, appeared in public records and survive as testimonies
of witnesses and evidence.  If you exam the preponderance of evidence, you will find a deeply disturbing truth.

Elden's 9-11 Index Page - Other Web sites to review


What is 9/11 Truth? - The First Steps Kevin Ryan


Reopen 9/11 - Catch the Real Terrorists         www.reopen911.org/   "A Call to Re-open 9/11 investigation showing videos & documents proving there was a cover-up & White House involvement in attack!"

Complete 911 Timeline  3,300+ Articles from Main Stream Media- Open-Content project managed by Paul Thompson

9-11 Research  World Trade Towers collapse destroyed by internal explosives, It fell in 8.5 seconds, almost in free fall.
The unexplained collapse of Building 7 is tip of iceberg of unexplored issues of September 11th attack.

A Boeing 757 didn't hit the Pentagon    by Michael Meyer, Mechanical Engineer
Only 18' hole where plane hit, There was no evidence of an airline  or bodies

Did Flight 93 Crash in Shanksville? from Killtown's site  crash or may have been shot down,    the wreckage was strewn in a manner inconsistent with a simple crash,    there were eye witnesses that saw a white plane fly over the crash site,    the mayor of Shanksville says there was no plane at the crash site. Early reports say the impact hole for the 135' wide plane was only 15 by 20 feet,    and 15 feet deep. 

Hunt the Boeing in photo evidence of Shanksville crash.  How Did United Flight 93 Crash? Read More
"A Boeing 767 out of Boston made an emergency landing Tuesday at Cleveland Hopkins Airport due to concerns that it may have a bomb ... the plane had been moved to a secure area of the airport ... United identified the plane as Flight 93." Learn More
Shanksville Mayor Speaks Out on German TV "there was no plane" Watch  No plane crashed at Shanksville

of 266, 911 Passengers: only 11 are listed in the SSDI Social Security Death Index
Were the names fictitious or were they already dead as of 02/08/2006 Learn More

Freedom of Speech is our right.  It is necessary to keep everything honest.
For those that want to know I have 1,000s of files of information, DVD, MP3, articles, books, etc.   
Please Help using any way, time, research, calls, mailings, donations.

for the Good News - incredible discoveries, inventions, etc. click here !

All truth passes through three stages:
First, it is ridiculed;    Second, it is violently opposed; and
Third, it is accepted as self-evident.    -- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

"When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot."
-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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Compiled, prepared and maintained by Ted Elden, Architect, AIA, former member WV Board of Archs. & NCARB, Charleston WV

New Magazines expose the 9-11 Great Deception:  New Yorker Magazine, March 06, circ. 2 million circulation, Vanity Fair, July 06, 1 million, Tokyo Journal - extensive article & web sites.

Google shows 13 million web sites on 9-11 Conspiracy, 4 million links on 9-11 World Trade Explosives

Millions of American have discovered  incredible truths about 9-11 that disprove what the government and media told us.

Our democracy is at risk if we don't individually seek the truth,

and resolve to punish those that implemented and or covered up this greatest American Crime.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead

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What others say:       

Excellent, comprehensive Web sites to Explore 9-11 Truths !
Hunt the Boeing, web site with photos from Pentagon Crash - Can you find any piece of the airline ?

New York Magazine, with circulation of millions, breaks the 9 -11 truth story !

Elden's Overview of this article

 WV Truth Seekers & Peace Makers

www.CallToDecision.com    WV Governor Candidate  Butch Paugh, near Beckley, sponsored the Reality Zone in spring '06. 
300 came from across the US.  National Speakers have excellent presentations, and much info & products were distributed.
His web site indicates a clear understanding of the most important national issues.

West Virginia People for Liberty © of Morgan County

I've written over 600 Letters to WV Legislatures, some WV Mayors, WV Congress & Representatives, Many newspapers, History Professors & more.
Let me hear form you - what you know and or itf you'd like to know more, and discover ways to see what is really on going in America today !.

Ted Elden TedElden@SuddenLink.net 304 344 2335    PO Box 3201, Charleston WV 25332       
Host regular meetings of concerned Citizens for research, discussion and support at Top O Rock, 2nd Sunday each month, 2- 5 pmNext meeting 10 Sept. '06
T Elden speaks across WV to any organization or assembly, like Rotary, Kiwanis, Exchange Clubs or churches or communities.

The Great Deception of 9-11 is but small potatoes when you begin to realize what is really going on in our country, with our government, the UN, and much more.

In May 2001, at the National Press Club, Dr. Steven Greer brought 450 military & government witnesses together in the Disclosure Project to nationally advertised presentation to Senate & national media as a prelude to congressional hearings.  Their incredible disclosures, developed over a decade, revealing events spanning 50 years has been silenced by the media.  Read more of this at their web site.  I cannot imaging a more heavy hand controlling our information than that which has thwarted all these people and their sworn and video taped public testimonials.

The US Government bans and burns books, and with the media, controls much information.  Many inventions and discoveries have been sealed from the public thru the National Security Act.  Legislatures are immune to prosecution for their nefarious behavior and involvement in the MK Ultra Mind Control project and human slaves developed since the 1960s at US colleges and Universities.

The black budget has have trillions of dollars to spend on projects unknown to the legislatures, including mind control, underground bases, advanced military & aircraft and developing special technologies beyond the reach of the American public.

Jim Walker, of Walker homes, has spent $ 7 million presenting to the public obvious flaws in the 9-11 Cover Story, to alert and awaken a sleeping and unknowing American Public.

Great forces of money and power are trying to keep the cover on 9-11, but engineers, scholars and concerned citizens have gathered much more convincing evidence then the government or media has ever shown.

Search for more info on the Black Helicopters, Project Paperclip - bringing Nazi war criminals to the US to continue missile research & mind control.  Regan's RX-64 plan which built 600+ Concentration (determent) Camps in US, and operation Garden Plot & Cable Splicer to put Americans in these camps.  See Texe Marrs for more on this.

When you hear of these titles, program names, names of individuals and locations and dates, you are then enabled to research further to learn more details, witnesses, find more evidence.  But if you continue pretending these things don't exist, you will soon pay the penalty for your innocence as these nefarious plots expand to enslave more and more of US population.

Yes, it sound unbelievable, but I, or any of 1,000s of others, can lead you to this important information, well documented in books, news reports and 1,000s of articles.

What You Can Do Petition, Write to Legislators, Inform your community.  Join:  Scholars for 9/11 Truth

We've contacted hundreds, including our Governors, Senators and Congressmen, university professors & others.

This information was presented to: Charleston Anvil Club  5 / 5 / 05, Charleston Exchange Club 6 / 27 / 05, Beckley Rotary, Parkersburg,

Charleston Gazette published notices Opinions Page twice including 15 Aug, & 31 Oct 05

Contact this writer: Ted Elden, TedElden@SuddenLink.net   304 344 2335 - PO Box 3201, Charleston WV 25332

Further and current research    Jan 14 2006

If one rules another, without checks and balances, eventually ruler takes advantage of those ruled.  Ted Elden

I am Ted Elden, an Architect, AIA, NCARB, graduate Carnegie Mellon Univ., residing in Charleston, West Virginia, USA
I've spent hundreds of hours researching this subject.
Here I’ve posted our findings - overwhelming evidence that we, the public, do not know the full story of 911.
    Many of the things reported by our US government & our US media are not true, things reported are not possible.
10s of 1000s of other have discerned the truth from intensive research, weaving together an examination of evidence, witnesses & broadcast reports.  The bare & naked truth is not hard to learn thru active research through public records on the internet, including such sources as Broadcast Media, National News Publications and reports from institutes, engineers & scientists.

We each determine the truth by the information that we receive.  Much important information has been with held from the news.
That which is disclosed in this report is public record but not widely know to the general public. 

You may be innocent of not knowing these facts, but if you examine the facts, surely you too will see the great deception put upon the American People.  Some people are fabricating a fear of terrorist.  Our government is rapidly stripping away from us, our individual freedoms which have built this great country.  If we, the people, do not become aware of the great 9-11 deception (and others), then share the information with our associates & legislatures, and bring action, then our vast sleeping population will fall further into the grip of our controlling government.  We'll lose the freedoms we have gained.

Why are we at war, spending $ 300+ billion ?  Who profits ?  Who initiated all this ?
Was not the great fear spread by the reports of Terrorist on 911, the catalyst that started this great war, profits to the military & wealthy ?

What happened on 911 ? Have we rushed to war on false provocation ? Who is benefits from war, huge profits from emergency, non bid contracts ?  Halliburton, Brown & Root, ... ?  Who suffers; soldiers, citizens far & wide. Should we investigate 9-11, and if found to be other than once thought, take action to capture and punish, or at least stop, the great perpetrators that have slain 3,000 US citizens initially .  Read below.  Please keep an open mind.  It took me at least 6 weeks of reviewing these material before I could actually believe it.  I can find nothing to refute this evidence. I've read 2,000+ pages of reports, saved 500 documents of evidence, written 500+ letters to others simply asking senate, professionals & institutions to review the information, I'm forming group for further action. I have obtained over 90 hours of video & audio (broadcast) recordings of evidence, which I share with others. My DVD library is a quick & easy way for others to digest this great volume of information.

I had always believed our government, our media and the institutions & people quoted in the news / broadcast.  Now I suspect the information is bias and incomplete.  How could the media be wrong ?  Years ago we had 100s of owners to our national news.  Now, thru legislation changes, we have only 5 corporate owners to all forms of national media; news, TV, video, etc., like General Electric owning NBC.  GE gets major funding from military & government spending.  They once spent millions advertising their products to sell.  Do they find it more profitable to simply own the media ?

100s of books, lectures, authors now question their motives.  Do the new media owners only print the news that benefits them, and leave unpublished information that may contain news that might brew against them.  See the the books; Censored 2000, Censored 2001, ... to 2004, 100s of pages per book of articles or recent news meriting national coverage that was not released to public.

Explore the truth. Many investigators have found information on the events of 9-11 in public records, newspapers, newscasts, but not widely circulated.  Examine startling and nearly unbelievable information about the events of 9-11 on this site and by following the links.

The news media reports on daily events, with simplified and sometimes incomplete & unconfirmed information.
But history, with a broad view of research, witnesses, information; yields different truths than news media portrayed.

Our government is quickly providing the elimination of our borders and the integration of all nations towards a one world government under the United Nations.  One law for all people on the globe, in their UN courts, with their UN troops. 
There is a rapid movement to this New World Order, announced by Senior Pres. Bush

All food stock, livestock to be tagged with micro chips to know & control all food sources, and much more.
If we don't unite to understand this, it will overcome us without any way to side step this trend.
A few people, world wide, control all this, thru the Gobalist, the international bankers that control the US Federal Reserve and much more.

1000s of web sites & recent books offer far more clarity, detail and explanation of all this. 
This site is just your introduction to the reality I have recently discovered.
You will not find this information in the main stream national news,
which is controlled by the same powerful forces that is driving this.
Our news is designed to keep us fully entertained, but only half informed. 

Wake Up America.  None are defending you as you think.

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