Redemption Process

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When you learn the true US History, they you can also learn how you can regain your freedom. Learn how you can be separate from US (corp) laws, taxes, fines, courts and more.  Learn to Learn.

Taking responsibility for your life, gives you benefits, but requires that you gain knowledge to know what to do and how to act.


1 1st Step on Redemption Process and or the ability live in truth.


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2 2nd Step in Redemption


To find and act on Truth !

review for your understanding background.


True US History

History of Money - How it Really Works

Money Quotes

30 Facts of America        30 Facts !


Computer Lessons - Be empowered to get and manage information.


Redemption Process - over view

Be Sovereign        Many sub links    Know & Reclaim your rights.

US is a corp.

US is limited jurisdiction
Money Quotes
Strawman            How elites control us by the fictional "person"
                                            of you ALL CAPITAL NAME

The Story of  Enslavement    How elites control us.

Language is the limit of our thought


General Information - Truth vs Perception - Truth Seekers


Learn to Learn

Meet Your Corporate Fiction/Debtor: Robert Kelly'redemption'andthestraw-ma

The Redemption Primer