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Wake Up - Truth Surround us.                                   research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Architect, ret. computer guru

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This is an introduction to a study course.

We learned the US (corp.) government is doing many things which it should not.

We were born with God given rights,
which have been stolen by corporations pretending they are governments.

Index_Main at left will show you some of the despicable projects
on going with the support of our US (corp.) Government.

You can learn more of your rights, and how to reclaim them thru this link:

Claiming Your Rights

Learn John Doe has rights JOHN DOE does not have.
Learn about the trust fund developed thru you Birth Certificate.

When you elect to know better the world around you, and how to find, claim and protect your rights to:

freedom, health, wealth, safety, then consider following our development of Redemption.

Here are some guide points.

With knowledge, comes desire.

With desire, comes energy and effort to achieve what you desire.

Desire is the fire for whatever you aspire.

As you come to learn of the rights you did not know you had, then you can peruse them thru legal mans.

What rights you don't know, and don't claim are taken over by others with their intent to control you and profit from you.

Many others may know far more then we, Charleston area Truth Seekers, but we can give you a good foundation to start your redemption, as we have learned, acted and practice what we learn.

America's Sovereign Bulletin www.ASBEZ.com offers a $ 100 book - Redemption Manual 4.5
It is excellent, showing both the problem, thru the bankruptcy of America
and specific advise and forms to remove yourself from  the problem.

David Everett Robinson, www.Maine-Patriot.com offers many excellent books to further understand money, American history, income tax (deception) and more.  On Income Tax, 67 million Americans do not file.  Here are many reasons: www.abodia.com/irs

I began research on 9-11.  After 1,000s of hours, I learned that news and government intentionally lie, to keep us in the dark, uninformed, and to keep us domesticated, work, pay taxes, support the war, fear terrorists, illness, many things.

As I have done 1,000s of hours of research, I have found it is pretty easy to find the deeper truths, and to find great information even free.  If you just look a little longer, and with focused skills, you too can find great information and freedom by using the internet.  I have amassed 1,000s of DVD documentaries, and 10s of 1,000s of files, books and more.

I think these things are of great advantage to know the deeper truth and to find and keep your freedom:

- Have access to computer and word processor, and the internet.

- Access to mp3 player and DVD player also are great teaching / learning tools.

- I use Total Commander, a free program from the internet,
to make it easy to find information I have gathered and to organize and file it.

Finally, I have developed a simple method, that any person 12 years or older can use to find, verify and or to know a truth.

We have been taught to rely on authorities; government, media, universities, corporations, institutions, professionals.

I find, if you want something, you can get it without money, and without experts.

Knowledge is Power.  The more you know, the lower your cost and the greater your freedom.

I encourage people to no longer trust and rely on news media and government.  It is obvious that much of their information is bias to keep you from truly understanding; war, taxes, health and much more.  They want control over you.  Rather then guns and prisons, they keep primary information from you, keeping you uninformed.  As the general public does not know basic things, then all think what is commonly known must be true.

Only a few million people have learned that to investigate yourself, you are you best advocate, you can get facts and truth that other will not give you because they are protecting their trade (law/ courts) their income and their control over you.

Here are two people, easy to find on internet, who have excellent advise.

Mary Croft's book - How I Clobbered Every Cash Confiscating Bureaucrat Known to Man  pdf

Robert Menard: Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception, and Magnificent Deception (You Tube & text file)

Those who are lazy and or set on relying on government / news media,
will forever be separated from their freedom, wealth, health.

Those who take responsibility to learn the deeper truths, will find millions of others who are on this pursuit.

We can help each other.

Croft clearly shows that no other person; judge, lawyer, police, doctor, no other person has any mandatory / rightful control over your accept when and if you elect to submit to them.  Our laws do not require that you submit to them.

Knowledge is Power - You are your best source, best advocate, for what you need to know.

There are many sources of information. Many people rely on news to bring them the important, popular topics.

When you begin to realize that you, and your research can give you better, more important information, then you begin to seek and preserve your freedom.

Search with a Thought Print

Learn how you can search internet with "quoted phrase" or key ideas,
called a Thought Print to quickly find and confirm anything you want to know.

Waiting for government or news to tell you, or universities, or history, you may never know the deeper truth.

Information controls our life, what we think and what we do.  Other have found that controlling, limiting your information allows them to force control over you to think increased control and their profit.

When you realize that you can learn the deeper truth and be certain of your facts, then you find that Knowledge is Power

Congressmen / Congressional Record / History / Internet

OH Representative Jim Traficant stated in the Congressional Record, 1993 about the FD Roosevelt Bankruptcy of America in 1933.  The government took ownership of all the people's home, property, their income and their children and their income into perpetuity.

Congressman MacFadden would have tried the President and Senate for treason, but they developed the 5 June, 1933, House Joint Resolution HJR 192, to remove gold as money backing.  No longer could the citizen pay for things with constitutional money, they could only discharge debts with promissory notes, a form of credit began.

The HJR gives you the opportunity to declare yourself free from the bankruptcy, and will allow you to present any corporate bill to the US Treasury and they will pay it for you.  Take a utility bill, a bank note; home, auto, student loan, a charge card, you can pay (discharge it) by just signing your name on the bill and sending for the US Treasure to pay for you.  All your debts are prepaid, when you learn how, and if you file you UCC and further protect yourself by copyrighting your name.

TX Congressman Ron Paul, explains that 21 Feb. 1871, the US Congress passed an organic Act titled, "District of Columbia" where in they incorporated the 10 square miles around Washington DC.  They can pass any law to govern the people who live and work within and other areas that they acquire/ purchase, like PR & Guam.  And only those areas, unless other people volunteer to be a part of the municipal corporation.  Later they changed the name of the corporation to United States.  When many are asked if they are citizens of United States, they innocently say yes.

I am not.  I am a citizen of the united States of America, but not of the US (corporation) which only has jurisdiction over the Dist. of Columbia and any person who volunteers to submit to them.

The United States (corporation) incorporated under London, England (& their copyrighted laws), becoming subordinate to them.  Many of our states and cities have also incorporated under the United States corporation, making them also a part and subservient to London.

Lawyers forfeit your rights, and make their settlements based on protecting the courts, the banks and the corporations.  Your individual rights are lost when you engage a lawyer.

Common law, practiced world wide, is still applicable in America when you learn how.

As a sovereign, you can get a judgment (victory) over other people without involving courts or lawyers, if you just make a claim, and it is not rebutted in the proper form in the proper time.

These short video clips will show you best

How your name in CAPITAL Letters has taken over the right to your property.

Strawman        JOHN DOE

How a few world ruling banker have learned how to steal the freedom of whole nations, to get them to submit to them,

to increase their profit and control.  Human slavery is the greatest prize on the planet to them.

The Story of  Enslavement

How to become a Sovereign