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Las Vegas shooting September 2017, (fake, staged, drill ?)

Goldfish Reports- James Fetzer

Talks of the Northern California "fires"

    Molten metal while wood unburned.

Talks of Las Vegas Shooting

https://youtu.be/4HwQVZN4HvE?t=50m5s v


It is keyed up 50 minutes to the hospital report.

No hospital near the shooting had any shooting victim after the shootings.

Multiple gunmen, many shooting blanks.


Here is James Fetzer's website.


When you combine Anastasia's review of the video record and the medical experts evaluations of the apparent absence of bona fide victims and wounds (see "Paul Craig Roberts: Military Surgeon says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims are Fake" and "Paul Craig Roberts: An American Trauma Surgeon Responds", for example) and the case for medical fakery becomes almost overwhelming. Consider, therefore, what Anastasia has to say about the large number of videos she has reviewed. Comment on what you take to be the strongest case that anyone apart from the patsy was actually killed.]

On his webpage, scan down to this title:

The Las Vegas Massacre Hero Videos


He has typed up the various reports from you tube, supposed on the scene witnesses.

They are strange stories at best, hardly believable,

that many people gave their lives to protect strangers.

Fetzer list the name & phone number of 3 hospitals near the shooting location.

He contacted them (you can also call their phone #)

None of them indicated hat they received any gun shot patience the night of the shooting.

Fetzer gives a lot of consideration to the facts, without finding much evidence of the cover story.


Of the Paul Craig materials:    An American Trauma Surgeon Responds


a retired surgeon with experience in managing patients with massive blood loss in an operating room

comments on if the You Tube videos of "victims" are real.


1) We do not see CPR being conducted on anyone

2) Supposedly there were many injuries, but we see no evidence of arterial bleeding, blood gushing from a wound.

3) With automatic weapons there should have been some massive wounds, but no evidence of them has been shown.

4) There is a complete absence of the kind of urgency one would expect from EMT's at the scene of "such" bloodshed ?

5) I've not seen any videos from emergency rooms in which victims with actual wounds are displayed

6)  Where are the death certificates of those who died at the scene? Where are the autopsy reports which would have been mandatory? (As I learned at Sandy Hook, a doctor must view a body before it can be said to be dead and hence a death certificate & cause must be created.  Where are ANY death certificates ?)

8) There were drills on going in LV at that time.  Is this event a drill and not real ?

9) Advertisements ran in LV in advance of this event to solicit "Crisis Actors." 

Where some or all the people just PAID crisis actors acting in a drill.


There was a FEMA “active shooter” drill going on that very same week in Vegas

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Paul Watson at infowars has the story:

"Workers at the Route 91 festival during which Stephen Paddock unleashed his massacre have reportedly been given back their phones and laptops by the FBI only to discover that all messages and videos from the night of the attack have been wiped clean."


Introduction To Crisis Acting, Hoaxes v