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Wake Up - Truth Surround us.   Research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Architect, ret. computer guru  

Our world & our actions are based on what we know.   Consider the Truth !

News is (intentionally) NOT True

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Truth Seekers Ė meeting since 2005


Many of us have direct experience that shows news in incomplete and misleading.

We meet to share and learn the deeper truths.

You can read & know the truth directly.

The truth will set you free. John 8:32

Research  www.abodia.com/r  

Our research summarized:

www.abodia.com/911†††††††† What Really Happened on 9-11 in NYC, DC, and Shanksville Penna.

www.abodia.com/irs†††††††††† 67 million donít file taxes ! $ 100,000 offer says no law requires it.

www.abodia.com/o††††††††††††† Obama isnít eligible to be Pres.

www.abodia.com/5††††††††††††† Curious Truths

www.abodia.com/f ††††††††††††† Free Energy has been available for decades, even 100+ years.

                        †††††††††† Regain your rights !

www.abodia.com/1/History.htm†††††††††††††† True US History

      US Laws donít apply to most Americans

Pay No Tax, sovereigns exempt from US laws

www.abodia.com/1/UFO††† Seen by 10s of 1,000s

www.abodia.com/v††††††††††††† Vaccines are dangerous

www.abodia.com/t/Book††† Free Book Ė How to learn truth


See Thought Print © Ė a quick way to confirm fact

www.abodia.com/t†† ††††††††††† Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers meet Christ Church near Baptist Temple, Quarrier St.


Questions ?   call to visit any time:

Ted of Elden © family, Charleston, West Virginia [ 25301 ]

ted @ abodia.com  tel 304 344 2335  Top O Rock Glass Studio over looking Capitol City

Weíve mailed 1,600+ letters w 3 Ę postage w.o.Zip


Tedís comment:  

Many people seek what is popular, what authorities say, they seek protection and safety.

We think the common man, by using his reason, reading, learning, can regain lost freedoms. 

They can escape control by authorities who lie to increase their control and profit.

We, Americans, who simply are able to read, think, and question (ask internet questions) can find a better, deeper truth and secure a better life, health, wealth, freedom and safety.

Thought Print © is a simple search method any teenage (or older) can use to find & confirm facts.

Open Meeting - 1st of month - Open Discussion, All Welcome     RSVP

Learn of fantastic suppressed medical devices,
how to step to freedom away from evil forces that try to control you,
many fascinating topics, exciting, thoughtful people. Come join us.
Ted Elden 344 2335, ted @ abodia.com
Intro to some of these topics here:  www.abodia.com/2/April-Notes.htm