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What is Truth ? What is ConspiracyHow to Think
Our world is changing.  Perhaps what once was your news is not longer accurate or truthful.
Be wary as serpents -
search fro the truth and the truth will set you free.

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All truth passes through three stages:
First, it is ridiculed;    Second, it is violently opposed; and
Third, it is accepted as self-evident.    -- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

"When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot."
-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

I'm an architect, scholar, computer guru, entrepreneur, photographer in WV.  I've spent 1,000s of hours researching 9-11 only to find that what our government & media told us is not true, much of it being impossible to have happened as they described.  As I looked further, I've learned that thousands or millions of Americans have also realized this and others offer evidence, witnesses, news & other articles that give clear understanding of what is on going.

9-11 is most important event I've reviewed in my life, & it's conclusions,
therefore I've spent considerable time & expense to find the truth.

The simple summary is our national news is not giving us full information as they try to persuade us how to think on particular things.  We cannot just accept the their word, we need to find ways to investigate, confirm, debate.  Free Speech is the fading light that allows that, but more and more our world is controlled, (by controlling information) like the forces trying to limit access & control the internet.

If we have full information, we would certainly think differently and reach different conclusions on many topics such as
our haste to go to war and to continue in war, or trust & support of our government, legislatures, media.

Truly, most Americans have a strong interest in the news, and have believed the news they obtained was primarily true.
Global powers have now taken control of much of our lives, from supporting particular legislatures to win elections to the editorial control of most of our national media in broadcast TV, Radio, news & magazine coverage. 9 Corporations control the national news in US.
International cities; Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, Milan typically have 12 to 18 daily news papers.  In US, our NY Times & Washington Post are only daily news.

In America today, we still have the privilege to read independently at libraries, foreign news, and or the internet.  Any source can bring you truth and lies, but with discernment, you can determine what information is consistent, supported by multiple witnesses and offers solid facts as it's basis.

We must no longer listen only to the national news, listing authorities & institutions. 
We need to get closer to the truth.  I recommend the internet as a valuable tool to do that, and the
American Free Press,.

Our world is fumbling in great crisis.  But which crises are real and which are imagined and/or exaggerated ?
We typically think what is commonly known is true, yet, the more you research, broaden your vision, you'll find much of what you thought to be true is but a half truth or a deception promoted by those that told you for their direct benefit.

National News is owned & controlled by global corporations, who also make weapons & profit from conflict, aggression & war.
As their news tends to terrorize us, we yield our American Freedoms, yield our tax dollars, and sacrifice the lives of our soldiers, our citizens, and foreigner also.  Is the threat really coming form the source that we are told ?  Why is so much information of the 9-11 event confiscated, sealed in secrecy and not published in our main stream news ?  Why all the secrecy of our current Administration ?  Are American citizens encouraged to understand what our government is doing, or are we just taught who to hate, as we wildly wave our flag and spread death and devastation about the world.  No wonder our the world grows to hate us. see book; Our Media not Theirs by McChesney

This web site tries to connect you with much interlinking information to help you better understand the reality that surrounds us.
I hope you will open your mind to consider these things.  I spent over 6 weeks, reading over 1,000 articles before I was overslept by the preponderance of evidence, the obvious conclusions that most of what I had known and believed in my former 50 years was incomplete, mis guided, based on deceptions etc.  From that point I've tried to find fresh truths on the topics here listed.

I could spend more time on these proof, but each of you has different experience & knowledge.
Some people will not believe, no matter what information they have, others are more responsible to seek truth.

If you really want to know, it is easy to confirm and or explore things mentioned here, to find many confirming sources.
The hard part is to have a basic understanding of what is really going on, because that is certainly not presented in the national news.  Our democracy should be founded on the will of the population.  But our feeling and actions are based on our information.  Since information has diverged so far from the truth, and we accepted those lies, we have let our government fall far from a true and moral course.  Please Save America.  Take any action to know the reality that surrounds us and limit your belief and reading of national news you once trusted.  The world changes.  The most important thing to realize is that our news source are incredibly flawed, spewing lies and spin daily.  To read and dwell in them, by intent, blinds you from seeing what is really important and what is really happening.  Contact me directly if I can help you further.  TedElden@SuddenLink.net On these pages you will be linked to others of far greater knowledge, discoveries, power & influence than I.

My simple definition of Conspiracy  - later (suspect) news.  News you learn later that is factual, complete can lead you to vastly different conclusions.  If these facts were initially suppressed, others think, on learning them or not, then they cannot be true as it comes later.  As these precious truths circulate later they confirm the initial conspiracy.  But these facts don't get front page headlines nor much circulation, so the few who discover them are powerless to convince others.  Local news often does show real truths, but later editions and or national news leaves out or changes details, giving stories and conclusions a different spin.  I'd thought they were correcting early reports, now I see they are moving your focus, like a magician, to not consider revealing information.

To better understand the deception of our national media, examine Kennedy Assassinations, Oklahoma City Bombings, Columbine Shootings, and more. You'll find the truth is far from the widely published reports.

Some Topics in the 500 BookMark List

Secret Government        Presidential Executive Orders

US went Bankrupt in 1933        US is working under the Wars Powers Acts

US Concentration Camps Rex -64        UFO

Income Tax is neither legal (never ratified by the states, nor serves infrastructure (roads, buildings, nor programs) in US. 
All this money goes as interest payment to foreign bankers who control the American people & economy, since 1917.

Tesla and suppressed Sciences        Underground Bases - See Saunders, PhD book

Hollow Earth - intriguing discussion for centuries and linked to Antarctica bases where Nazi fled after WW II.

Subscribe to American Free Press,, Washington DC - They publish much of these truth.

This site is just the tip of the ice berg.  We hope to unleash you form the Great Deception.  There are so many things unknown to the American People that are quickly working against them.  Corrupt leaders are driving these programs.  Yet, the hope is, if you read, explore, learn, you can avoid and reduce or reverse these corrupt systems.  Do not think that others will do this for you.  Few will admit there is a problem, so only a few million are aware of these events and situations.  We need to get the word out, get people involved, curious and active.

Don't be lazy, deceived, relying only on what media / government authorities say.  Be concerned, Save America, by sane, concerned and mature - actually look at the evidence yourself.  It is not very hard to understand the evidence and see that the government, authorities and the media are not telling the truth.

I accept donations.  This research is immensely important.  I've been on this full time for over a year.
I try to help those I can, on a path to find information that will help them.
I find something they can read; audio CDs, DVDs, articles or eBooks, then direct them to a source.

Ted Elden is Architect, ret., AIA, formerly member of WV Board of Architects,  & National Board of Architectural Registration Boards, serving on special committees and Architectural Registration examinations, graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, importer, entrepreneur, computer guru, programmer, photographer / videographer, teacher, having directly communicated with over 1/2 million people thru his business efforts and building an elaborate web site of 17,000 pages for various activities. He has traveled widely, more than a dozen times to Europe, also to Asia, Central America and many trips to Canada.  He works in his Little Rock Studio near his father's famed Top O Rock.  Both have been featured many times on National TV on the Home & Garden Channel on the Dream Builders Program.

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