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Space is Fake- See You Tube.
When we voluntarily give away that which is ours,
then they can legally claim it As theirs,

as they say we gave it to them.

The fact that it began in fraud, as a lie, is not a concern for them.
 They have fleeced (stolen from) us for decades.


Mainstream News, government and universities lie to us.

First they tell us things that are not true.
We foolishly believe them without investigation.

Psalms 18:13  to judge a thing without examining it is foolish.

As we accept their lies as true, they then take from us: taxes, rights, property.
They steal from us without our realizing that we are giving away

our money, property, rights that belong to us.

There may be 10,000+ pages on this web site.

The simple theme is that we have been lied to so others (government)

can steal our properly, money, wealth & health.

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