UFO's have been seen by 140 million people
world wide since 1947, United Nations  
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Flying Saucers are Real     Shoot em Down- Air Wars

Discussion of the Phoenix Lights as seen by 10,000 on 13 Mar., 2007

The media is no longer our friend, but tell specific information to keep you from
thinking about and investigating important truths.

Truth is available from many sources; America Free Press, foreign publications, books, e-books, and web sites.
With just a little effort, you can learn to follow clues until you sit in the center of clearly established Truth.

With good skill, a discerning mind, you can easily find much Truth on the internet, for free.

Government & Media are focused on Profits for Elites and reducing freedom of people world wide. 
Their agenda slants the news/ information they report.  As you come to understand their agenda, open your eyes to Truth.

Knowledge is Power.  Secrecy preens the free spread of power.
It keeps others from knowing things, gives those that know an unfair advantage.
Industry keeps trade secrets, and unfortunately, governments keep many secrets over their people, to control them.

But if we live in a Republic, information should flow openly, thru free markets, to all citizens.  Unfortunately, it does not.
As you come to see the great secrecy our government holds over us, in all areas, war, 9-11, UFO, pharmaceuticals and more,
you become more alert and more skeptic of this twisted lies and deceptions they use to control and rule us.

UFOs have been seen by 140 million people, since, 1947, according to the United Nations, quoted on the Fast Walker video.

Many researchers have investigated this phenomena for many decades, yielding an abundance of evidence, photos, reports, radar tracks, pilot & professional witnesses, including former US President Jimmy Carter.

Here is a link to more on this.  Few people have a greater body of evidence than Dr. Steven Greer, and his Disclosure Project.  Since 1990, he's gathered 450+ military & government witnesses, to the National Press Club in Wash. DC in 2001 to testify before Congress and national media about what they have seen & know, of craft, crashes, bodies and more.  The fact that the media chooses not to report this incredible crowd of witnesses smells of a cover-up so vast that few can conceive of the power the Elite Rulers have over us, the common citizen.

For the most complex series of events, taking place in an 18 hour period, spanning many states, see Frank J. Feschion's Book; Shoot Them Down, Air Wars with the UFO over the USA, 1950s.  Shoot Them Down was the order to the USAF during 1952 when US was expecting aerial war from Russia, but soon found incredible amount of UFO activity over flying America.  100s of pilots were killed, planes crashed, and many disappeared as the USAF fired on the UFO's.  Frank spent over 17 year researching this thru newspapers, government archives, FOIA, and military reports.  12 September, 1952 was incredible events in many states.  his investigation started with the landing in Flatwoods W. Va. and linked thru research to landings and sightings across the eastern seaboard in that same 18 hour period.

1951 thru '56 saw 100s of unknown UFO reports as recorded by USAF in Project Blue Book (formerly Project Sign & Project Grudge)
Incredible but true, look for this book, or contact Ted@abodia.com for more info.

The Truth will set you free, it can protect you from harm, it can give you advantage.

While most follow popular opinion led by misleading news media,
you can find others who want to know and who want to follow the truth.

Flying Saucers are Real     Shoot em Down- Air Wars

 UFO in W. Va

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