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Root directory is my photo world, portraits, wedding, events, W.Va. places


/z                Index of topics on this web site.

/t                 Truth Seekers      Many links from here.

/truth          Truth Disclosure

/debt           Clear any bank debt

/irs              IRS can't take your $.

/updates                updates, Judges books

/sandyhook              Sandy Hook, none died

/911            What happened

/law                Law is voluntary

/si   Sport Illustrated - fake photos of Boston Marathon bombing.

/henry                Henry Elden, memorial

/itccs          /oppt   All governments are  in bankruptcy & in default

/v vaccines  /f  Free Energy  /o Obama

/president  Andy US President candidate reveal the suppressed information.

/process    How to gain freedom

/poetry my poems     /christmas inspire & humor

/moon        Moon Landing Hoax

/fe               Flat Earth (is Flat)
How to find most any thing via the internet.

photos & history of TOR & Little Rock

Truth Conference Thursday 7-9 pm

Dial-in: 712 775-7085,

Access code:    contact Ted

Playback: 712 775-7089


/jesus        52 Weeks of Jesus- book club readings


/book Ted's book: A New Reality

       How You Can Know.

or click Deceptions- know why I wrote.

Find & confirm information, follow clues.

Use technology: CD & DVD player, mp3 player, media player, tablet, computer.

Use software to speed your finding, learning and understanding truth.

Find friends to share motivation, energy, encourage & help each other.

Much of the important truths are  suppressed from media, government, schools, universities, corporations.

Knowing truth raises our power, benefits, rights. 

Suppressing truth, increases the power & control of those working against We the people.

Truth will make you free. John 8:32


other web sites at plus these extensions:


/nature       Bird photos

/oil              Gulf Oil Spill

/pope         Pope rules the world

/poster       political or thought provoking

/spirit         Spirit Science, math  & God

/redemption   Why people get out of US corp.

/5                Basic suppressed truths

/rights        Rod Class Seminar

/redemption-manual          Redemption Manual 4.5 outline

/stop           Stop a paper to stop any policeman

/war            War is a Racquet for the rich.

/messages            Mother's Day humor


Do I know a lot of suppressed truths ?  Maybe.

Why would you want to know ?

Do you have a driver's license ?  Then you are under driving law.

If you cancel driver's license, then you are no longer under their US Codes.

Most everything around us is a presumption, a fiction, under their force of law, courts, jail & fines.

You can step away from all that.


Most people go to school, college, read news, watch TV.

They fill their mind with government controlled propaganda.

When you choose to learn the deeper truth, then you can step into freedom, step out of their slavery.

The more you learn, the more you can learn.


The more I learn, the more eager I am to learn.

You can learn these things from many different sources.

I try to show you on my web sites - 100s of deceptions around us.

As you learn these deceptions, you can learn how to step out of them.

If you CHOOSE NOT to KNOW the TRUTH, then you will have to suffer, pay fines, taxes, jail, courts & more,

because you never step out of their voluntary system.

It is not easy.  It requires that you study.

I read many things I knew were not true, until I finally figured out they ARE TRUE.


If you watch TV, read popular books & movies, you will continually be drawn back into their lies.

What is real to most people is not real to me.

I have no fear, I am outside of their UNITED STATES CODES, and they know that I am.