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-hp- Truth Seekers - the Quest  started Feb. 2005 to 07 Apr 2017
Wake Up - Truth Surround us. Research by Ted Elden, Public Speaker, Little Rock Architect, ret. computer guru People Comments CMU

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Once you realize that news, government, corporations & institutions are lying to control & profit from you, then you can see how to find the truth.

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The world is very different then mainstream news and government tells us.  Simple Overview

All the world is a stage (pretend - faked), and we are but players.  Learn truth, step from deception.

 9-11 Evidence WTC was vaporized in air, it did not collapse ! Dr. Judy Woods - Where did WTC Go ? Irrefutable -    website

 JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick-  News & government lie, steal from people to enrich the wealthy.

Unraveling Sandy Hook Sofia Smallstorm -  No One was killed at Sandy Hook. website

Space Documentary 2015 | The moon landing hoax full BBC documentary - website

Flat Earth - The Ultimate Litmus Test -  The earth is NOT a globe, easy to understand. website

Invisible Empire, Act of 1871 -  The U.S. acts as a corporation. They cannot act on living people, just on corporations.

 There are no forests on earth! (English Voiceover) - Trees world wide were once miles high.

Wayfarers Manifesto -  Non conforming People can lead us to better solutions, benefits, etc.

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