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Computer Video Lessons

Windows 7 & 8 Introductions - Free Software below

Windows Tips !!! in AV        or view as Slide Show click more info, choose run anyway.

Index Your Files - www.IndexYourFiles.com - set up & use, simplest,
best program to find YOUR files like using Google on your own computer.

Total Commander www.ghisler.com- What it does - How to use
Use Windows 32-bit version ONLY so the plugs work.

Learn to use your computer, tablet and smart phone.

They can be your best helper, secretary & teacher.

0 Computer Uses: What you can do, & why.           

Introduction to Total Commander, find any file on your computer fast, see video lesson above !

1 Files: Introduction Learn about different file types
(last names .doc .jpg) and programs to manage them.
Learn of Total Commander, a free program to manage all files.

Everything on your computer: documents, photos, videos, they are in a NAMED file in a FOLDER location.  Learn how to find & open your files.
Each different file type: doc, jpg, mp3, avi, needs a different program to open & read or see that file.

2 Common Shortcuts Save time, do more quicker and easier, select or mark a block of text, learn how to do Progressive File Save and never ever lose any of your work again !

  On Computer: multiple key commands: to evoke a program
Hold 2 border keys: Control, Alternate, Shift,
center keys.
    evoke a program like: MS word, Excel, Internet Explorer, ....

Hold 1 border key+ pluck an internal key within a program
    within like: MS word, Excel, Internet Explorer, ....

3 Basic Set-up: Partition Hard Drive, each separate partition: OS, data, programs, Separate partitions make it easy to back-up you new work (data) without copying again your static, unchanging work like OS & programs. Aside, you should learn how to back-up your programs and your data, so you never loose anything.

Computer and programs can be bought. What you type and save and internet web sites, are your own individual creation.
If you lose them, you loose all your thinking and memory.  Better to learn how to back-up & protect your work, then to let it be lost.  You lose things because you don't know how to save and protect them.  The most important thing to me is to make my computer system so it never looses anything I do, write, find.  You can preserve all of your creative work, when you learn how.

Learn quick keyboard short cuts, learn differences in
Note Pad, Word Pad, MS Word
Use Total Commander to manage all files & most programs.

4 Make a link Clickable 
Make any web site link clickable, in e-mails or documents.

5 E Mail tips  Clean them up before forwarding, what is different in reply & forward,
Learn to Click and Shift Click to mark a block for action.

6 Know your Word Processor: Copy text from any place, like web site, paste to word doc file, set to simple font, big text, 1 1/2 line spacing then read easily in Reading Layout, Prepare multiple columns.  Your Word Processor can help you think, remember, learn !

9 Learn to read thin columns quickly. Change window from wide to thin in web sites, pdf documents or word processor.

7 Hot Keys  Set a Short Cut Key for any program or file,
so you can load and use it quickly.  Control + Alternate + key
    If things take time & trouble you won't do them.

Learning takes time, but then you are fast and easy in the future. You can do more !

8 Computer Maintenance:  Clear old deleted files, temporary files, old web site links, and many things from your computer.  Weekly maintenance will keep your computer from making mistakes and having problems. These programs are free and easy to use.  Your computer will run better, less errors and problems, when YOU do maintenance on it.  Your knowledge determines your world. What you do not know or understand can and will eventually harm you.

Using Computers               (on my web site)       www.abodia.com/l  L for lessons


Many people ask me basic questions.

They ask about things everyone should know about their computers.

You can learn these in a class, and or from simple books, even from your library. There are many illustrated books that are handy to use. I have taught  many different computer subjects to students and adult classes at George Washington High School.


You ability to work on a computer are very limited if you do not know the basic functions. Many will learn a word processor or a basic compute program, but still not know how to use windows.


This is a basic lesson on things you should know.  Once you realize you need these you will seek to know how. I cannot teach those who are not convinced that they need to know.


Once you realize what you donít know, ask your friends, read a book or take a class.  I have taught 100s of people and many classes.  I have been paid up to $ 50 per hour.  You can get free help from  many people that you know, once you know the question you need to know.


Get with your friends and practice what you know and or teaching each other.


Here are recommended basics, to do in windows, without and or before running any other software.


Learn how to

- open and close files, folders, windows.

- open & close programs,

- minimize, restore and close programs

- change your window sizes, and location

- select & rename file or folder.


Kids learn fast, they get lots of experience at school, in social setting.

Adults may learn best to get a book, or videos or take a course at Community Education, or get your neighbors kid to come and help you.


You learn fastest when you ADMIT that you don't know everything.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, but find someone who can help you as you need.

People who will get & use Skype Program, can have someone like me, far away, to come to look at your computer screen to help you solve many problems.


Last names for files are very important.


If you have a file names Grocery List.doc

If you change the last name to .mp3

The computer will not be able to open and use it.


When naming a file be careful with the last name. It is most important.


When you think you click on a file to open it, really the computer looks at the last name, & loads first an appropriate program to read that type of file, then program opens the file to read, view, edit, and or print that file.


Every file type has to have some program to use it or you canít use it.


People send various files over the internet, via e-mail and web sites.
If you get a file your computer cannot open, you may have to get a different program or driver to open or use the file.


If you accidentally change the last name of a file,
    that renders it unusable before you rename it to use it again.


If you put a computer file or folder in a different place and or change the name, that can cause certain functions of your computer not to work.


Basic computer knowledge can help your work fast and easy.


Desire is the fire for whatever you aspire !


Learning begins with desire, then learning details, terms and practicing how to do things.


Get with your friends or associates to practice.


A personal instruction is a great idea if you can find some tutor.

Books are a cheaper and excellent way to learn, as is just experimenting.


I get most of my knowledge from books and or just tying different things. When I figure things out I write them down.  Because I use
Total Commander (a free program) I can quickly find any of ľ million files on my computer to remember, continue or instruct me.


You can get books either in digital form or convert or type them to digital.


Once things are digital, hey are much easier to find, use, amend etc.


Iíve put many lessons here




Some say they have gone to this web site and printed the lessons.


The thing that really helps you is if you read & practice the lessons.


Having them is of no value, using and practicing is everything.


Of anything you want, you can usually find it for free by searching the internet.  You may at first find things to buy, lessons, books, videos, but if you persist, you can also find many things for free.  Learning to use the internet and your computer can give you great knowledge, ability and lower you prices on most everything you do.


Argue this point and lose all that advantage. 
E-bay is another good resources.


Do this first, (suggestion) Read, study and print all my lessons, and know all that is in them, Practice these things with all your computing friends.


If you still not satisfied, why not get 5 or more people together to come as a group to take 1 or more lessons from me. The teaching and learning are really easy, but unless you keep & study your notes (my web site pages printed) and have practiced many times the use of these functions, you will not retain them.


Some say they only learn when they need something.  How silly.


I am constantly learning things I donít know if I need or not.

But when I learn them, then I can use them.


If I do not learn them,
I don't have the option to consider if I can use them or not.


Read any text easily in Reading Layout

Copy & paste from web pages, click, shift click and paste to your word processor.  You can change the font type, size, line spacing, read easily in 2 columns. Bold, mark save or print as you like.

When you looks at web page or pdf, you are confined by how they set it up.

When you past the text into your word processor, you can make it easier for you to read, & work with.


Total Commander Notes

Find any file quickly, preview, view, print, -e-mail

    or import to other program. Works with all file types doc, jpg, pdf.

I use 100,000+ files on one computer. This program is most important program I have, it makes it easy to find my files - by name, or date, or type, or some phrase or word in the file.

This program is free download for the internet.

Import Video


Your computer can be like a friend, or helper,

        helping you remember, communicate, find, act, propose and do.

The more you know of your computer & software,
        the faster you can work, with ease, and error free.


We recommend that you back up your files periodically.
Total Commander can do it by synchronizing all or just part of your files.


FileHippo.com or SaveMyButt.com offers free programs to use to maintain your computer, clearing out temporary and abandoned files.


Good Luck in your Computer World


Ted Elden    elden@SuddenLink.net


When you have desire, like to know more and or do more, you can learn.


When you learn, then you can do more things with your time, accomplish more and easier. Doing things the slow way causes you not to do things.


Learning / Changing is the key to a new and better future.